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  3. Thanks for clarifying all the different things you’ve tried. I’m sorry that the instructions aren’t working correctly for Arabic. I don’t have any experience getting this tool working for Arabic, so I haven’t run up against this problem. I’ll ask some of my colleagues if they know anything about it
  4. I have had success with Chinese and Russian. I am applying the same method for Arabic that is outlined in the documentation that you linked. The Windows locale setting for Chinese(Simplified) works for both Russian and Chinese. When I apply any Arabic setting I get the screenshot above. I have tried different Unicode file encoding methods and applied them directly to the Read Unicode File vi but always got the same strings for Arabic. I attached my vi and json file. Dictionary.JSON Language Selection.vi
  5. I haven't tried, but I would assume that it already is compatible with Arabic. There's a documentation guide here to help you out: https://github.com/JKISoftware/JKI-Simple-Localization/wiki Please let us know how this works for you.
  6. Is there a way to make this tool compatible with Arabic?
  7. Great idea, Joerg. This is not currently a feature, but it's worth considering, for sure. Your use case sounds valid.
  8. Hey JKI team, is it possible to programmatically update an existing .vipc (or, alternatively, create a new one) with a given .vip file? Our use is case is the following: After building a .vip automatically, we'd like to install it to the very system it was built on automatically. Seeing as we already have a tool to apply .vipc files through the VIPM API, and as we could use it "as-is" for this, we'd prefer to install the .vip this way. Thanks for the great tool, Jörg
  9. Thanks for the clarification on your use case -- it's very helpful (and exciting) to see the code in action that does the automated builds of your VI Packages! We've done some work on a fix for this issue (we're calling it a "bug") and I'll ping you off-line so you can test it out, if you'd like.
  10. Jim, as always, your elaboration is spot on. Here's a screenshot of what our tools do: So other than the fact that we write all the build numbers in one go (the whole cluster), it's what you described above. Thanks for taking the suggestion into consideration.
  11. Hi Joerg, Great idea. A couple comments/questions: I see that the VI Package Builder GUI defaults to 1 for the major version, yet it allows changing it to 0. It also allows you to build and install such a package (with 0 as the major version), just fine. More so, I see there are several packages in the wild (on vipm.io) that use 0 as the major version number, too. So, it would seem reasonable to allow the VIPM API to support this, too, and it wouldn't introduce any new problems. Which VIPM API VIs are you calling and how you're using it? I'm assuming you probably have an existin
  12. Hi Alex, This may not be trivial, although it's probably technically possible. I'll ping you off-line. -Jim
  13. Ah, OK. Thanks @Sam Grayson. It's helpful to know that the issue may have something to do with .NET.
  14. Is there a way to use the JKI HTTP REST toolkit to generate HTTP/1.0 requests? I believe LabVIEW generates HTTP/1.1 requests by default but I am not seeing any way to generate to the previous standard. For example with the CURL toolset: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/45390338/how-to-use-curl-to-generate-http-1-0-request-for-a-file-without-a-leading-slash Thank you, Alex
  15. @Jim Kring @Yann Report from my adventures with IT. Short term solution: We found that it was the Cybereason ActiveProbe service that caused the run error. If that service was disabled, VIPM can launched without issue. Long term solution: IT assigned a policy to my machine that disabled some Cybereason monitoring for .NET (they were vague). I was then able to use VIPM while ActiveProbe was running. That's as specific as they were willing to get. Hope this helps!
  16. The JKI State Machine Explorer is amazing and incredibly helpful. One deficiency I've found is that browsing through the (potentially long) sequence of states found in a Macro can be somewhat cumbersome. An improvement idea I have to is to somehow represent the potentially long sequence of states in a macro in a sidebar or separate window. Mock-up shown below:
  17. With VIPM 2020.3 (build 2540) and VIPM API 2020.0.2.73, it's not possible to supply a major number of 0 via the API, the API returns an error 42: Seeing as we also build projects that are in a pre-v1.0 state, I don't see a reason to not allow the major build number to be 0. I was actually tempted to file a bug report... 😉
  18. Hi Jim, Thanks for your reply! The calculation of code coverage is imposed by our customer. Currently, we calcul it "manually" by verifying each public method is covered by at least 1 test. So if you have a tool which automatically do that, it would already be great ! By discussing with the quality expert at our customer company, they would like us to calculate a real code coverage (see attached). Do you think it is possible with Caraya ? Best regards, Mathilde
  19. "Check for package updates on launch" is selected: But repository is not updated until click refresh button in main window:
  20. Hi @Mathilde (CC: @Francois Normandin) Thanks for your interest in code coverage with Caraya. There's not currently a built-in feature for doing code coverage in CaraYA. Do you have thoughts on how you would want to calculate coverage? I've implemented some simple coverage tools in projects by using naming conventions for my tests and enforcing that each public member of a library has a test associated with it.
  21. Think I worked this out, just looks like permissions on my system. I previously discounted this as the problem as I could install some packages ok, but just not this one. No idea why some packages install but others wont, anyway with full admin privileges I can install this one ok now.
  22. Hi, I'd like to know if it's possible to calculate code coverage percentage with Caraya ? And if no, is it in the Caraya roadmap ? Or do you think it is possible for us to customize Caraya in order to add this functionality ? Regards, Mathilde
  23. Earlier
  24. I have admin rights on PC.. I'm not sure if any permissions had been changed recently from some IT update.. which very possible. I'm not sure what else could be causing this.. I'll try to reach out to my IT dept. and confirm.. thanks for your support.
  25. That's strange. I wonder if there's some kind of permission issue. Does "Everyone" have Full Control on the "C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM" folder?
  26. For some reason this has caused the program to hang on start.. I see the Icon in task bar but the app is not loading.
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