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  1. Daniel, Not sure why it is failing on you. Can you share some screenshots of the installation and error dialogs?
  2. Daniel, Here is link to an article that will help you: http://support.jki.net/entries/21234937-vipm-installation-error-on-mac-osx-10-7
  3. That is a good information that switching back to VIPM 2011 is working for you. I will pass on this information to our VIPM Group for investigation.
  4. Colin, Glad to know that the issue is resolved. For any further queries related to JKI Products, please submit your support request here: http://jki.net/contact Thank you.
  5. Colin, You can use VI Package Builder to build a package that will install the VIs under desired menu instead of the palettes. Here is the configuration in VI Package Builder: http://screencast.com/t/XyZsAwQb02fh Here is the result after building and installing the package: http://screencast.com/t/iI4YrGUtiFHv You can configure the VI to run on launch and stopping the VI should not close the Front Panel. This will allow the user to use the VI and even see the block diagram for editing purpose. Is it what you were looking for?
  6. Per Hult, Please refer to this article and see if it helps to resolve the network issue: http://support.jki.net/entries/20589198-solving-vipm-network-connection-issues
  7. Colin, Thanks for providing the information on what fixed the issue. Can you provide the system configuration information (OS version etc) of the PC that is causing this issue? It will help us to investigate.
  8. anningbozu, In order for you to be able to update the version information in .vipb file and not get "Invalid Signature" error, you need to have VIPM Pro. VIPM Free Edition restricts the user capabilities. Let me know if you are interested in purchasing VIPM Pro. Here is the link to compare VIPM Free and Pro editions: http://jki.net/vipm/compare Thank you.
  9. anningbozu, I think you are talking about the VI Package Builder that helps you build packages. I got confused with your mention of "installer". I am afraid to tell that the cleanest way to reset the revision number is by deleting the existing .vipb file and let VI Package Builder create a new one.
  10. L2L, Thanks for the code. I was able to recreate the behavior described by you. I will investigate further and get back to you within 24 hours.
  11. L2L, Is it possible to share the code to speed up the investigation? You can otherwise create a test code resulting and send it to us. Also, please provide screenshots if possible. Thank you.
  12. Daresh, Did you figure out the problem with LabVIEW connection with VIPM? Did you check if your Firewall (if any) is blocking the connection?
  13. Jason, As of yet, we do not officially support the packed libraries in VIPM 2012. I have created Case 13647 internally for tracking the status of this since we are working on it for the next release of VIPM. We really want to support this capability and are working through various issues. Thank you.
  14. Marco, Beginning VIPM 2012 we have just Pro and Free editions. Here is link to compare the features: http://jki.net/vipm/compare
  15. Norm, I was able to recreate the behavior and recorded as Case 13633 for the VIPM Team to investigate. At the moment, the workaround I can think of Custom Actions - Install Actions - Post Install VI to fix this behavior. Thank you.
  16. rhechtatssi, What version of EasyXML are you using? Can you send us an example project that produces a broken build? This will help us reproduce and investigate the issue. Also, any additional information/screenshots will be helpful. Thank you.
  17. UPDATED: Added the attachment. Hi, Thanks for sharing your observations. I tried to perform similar tests and the results appear to be linear. Attached is my test VI with the observations on the Front Panel. Am I doing anything different than you? Main Test.vi
  18. Ashish


    Svendsen, EasyXML ignores CDATA inside XML when parsing it into LabVIEW data. It does not provide any way to read in the CDATA or write to CDATA elements. Also, at this point there is no plan to implement this feature. I wonder if it is possible for you to build up a routine using some string operations to extract the CDATA from the XML String?
  19. Mellroth, Glad to know that you are back on track. I was able to recreate the problem in Pre-Post VI configuration that you had experience. This has been recorded as Case 13533 for consideration to be fixed in the next release of VIPM. If you happen to be in such situation again, the only way out will be to delete the ".vipb" file that is generated and managed by VIPM in the same folder that you had selected for building the package. WARNING: All the VI Package Building configuration will be lost if the ".vipb" file is deleted. You will have to redo the configuration.
  20. crelf, I could not recreate the problem. See the attached test project I created. After building the project, I was able to drop the VI and it connected to the appropriate typedef. FYI, I am using Windows 7, LabVIEW 2011 and VIPM 2012 environment. Typedef in Package Test.zip
  21. We have identified this as a bug and created Case 13445. The case is under consideration. Thank you for providing enough information about it.
  22. Just wanted to let you know that I was able to recreate the behavior described by you and currently it is under investigation. I will get back to you early next week with the analysis.
  23. dlanger, Did you perform "Mass Compile" on your code before building the package? I was able to recreate your situation. However, mass compiling the folder before building the package appears to solve the problem on my machine.
  24. dlanger, One recommendation I can have to to include the DLL name instead of the DLL file path in the "Call Library Node" as shown in this link: http://screencast.com/t/U7eATG2pNSn Also, the DLL should be located inside the folder containing VIs to be included in the package. The package builder and VIPM will ensure that the DLL gets installed at appropriate location for use. Let me know how it goes. Thank you.
  25. I really like the double click in VI Tester GUI which opens that specific test VI. Similarly, it will be really handy if we can access/open the "setup" and "teardown" VIs for any test by simply right clicking on the selected VI in the VI Tester GUI as show here: http://screencast.com/t/54C5UW26
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