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  1. I was not able to reproduce the error. I tried to create a simple Post Build VI that launches a dialog. I tried with VIPM 2014 Build 1944. Here is link to the latest VIPM Labs build that you can try: http://support.jki.net/entries/24071293-VIPM-Labs
  2. Priyadarshini, I was not able to reproduce the behavior. Are you running latest and greatest VIPM? If not, please try the latest VIPM (jki.net/vipm).
  3. Olivier, Yes. Please send us an email at support@jki.net to debug this.
  4. Olivier, I think you are talking about two different topics. 1. Older packages not installing in VIPM 2014 - How old are those packages? - VIPM 2014 does allow you to install packages built using older VIPM versions. Try mass compiling the source before building the package using VIPM 2014. - If that does not work, there might be some corner cases. Hence, I would like you to share the package source (send to support@jki.net) 2. Packages built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed with older versions of VIPM - Yes. This is a known behavior. http://forums.jki.net/topic/2367-vipm-201
  5. Thanks for updating the response. It will be good resource for reference.
  6. Do you have a project containing all the source files in it?
  7. It might be due to the internet unavailability to VIPM. Have you installed any other available packages before? Try from another network.
  8. Did you try mass compile of the source before building the package?
  9. We have recorded the issue as Case 16100 and will be fixed in the future release of VIPM API. For the time being, you can rename the VIPB file as ".vipb" (remove the file name) and VIPM API should work as expected. Let me know how it goes.
  10. Beutlich, Please refer this article: http://support.jki.net/entries/21447601-Resolving-issues-with-VIPM-connecting-to-LabVIEW See if this article helps: http://support.jki.net/entries/20634111-Fixing-your-available-LabVIEW-version-list
  11. TonP, We were not able to reproduce the exact issue but do see some discrepancy which is not allowing us to install the package. We are investigating this and will get back to you soon.
  12. Priyadarsini, Thanks for reporting your observations. I was able to reproduce the behavior and have recorded it as Case 16076 for consideration in future release of VIPM.
  13. It might be related to the permissions to the installer for deleting temp file. See what happens if you run the installer as Administrator (right mouse click and select "Run As Administrator". Let me know how it goes.
  14. Thanks for recording your observations. Yes, it will be a real value to get more inputs on how to reproduce it. It will only help us to speed up the investigation and resolution in future build of VIPM. Take some screenshots if you feel necessary to convey the information.
  15. gad_z00ks, Sure. I see your thought process. VIPM is a mechanism to distribute packages. I will recommend you to contact package developer company. The information should be available in VIPM.
  16. Peter, You can use the "Format Date/Time String" function to build the desired UTC format string and then use EasyXML to generate the XML string. See attached snippet for reference. Here is the time format string I created: %Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%3uZ
  17. gad_z00ks, The JKI Discussion Forum is primarily for JKI Products (www.jki.net/products). I will recommend you to ask for help on NI Discussion Forum or LAVA (http://lavausergroup.org/)
  18. Peter, You can easily convert the timestamp in UTC xml string by using "Easy Write XML File" function. Just wire the timestamp and destination file path to it.
  19. Priyadarshini, I will recommend you to reinstall VIPM and see if that helps.
  20. I tried to recreate the behavior and I think I know the issue. On this specific PC, the VIPC file are associated with LVTN and not "VIPM File Handler.exe". Hence, trying to open VIPC launches LVTN. Try this: - Right click VIPC File - Go to Properties - Click "Change" - Click on "Browse" button at the bottom right corner - Go to: C:\Program Files\JKI\VI Package Manager\support and select "VIPM File Handler.exe" - Click "Open" - Click "OK" - Click "OK" on the Properties dialog to apply and close the dialog Now try to double click on VIPM file and check to make sure it opens corre
  21. Priyadarshini, Can you send the attachments?
  22. Priyadarsini, We have never experience this before. So, what happens when you double click VIPM shortcut on the PC? Does it open VIPM or LVTN?
  23. shruthibs, Try the attached control for your XML file. Control 1.ctl
  24. Mike, We have recorded the issue as Case 15964 for consideration to be fixed in future release of VIPM. In the mean time, please use the workaround mentioned. We will certainly notify you when we have the fix ready.
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