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  1. I just got the same error, and I don't have a firewall or other blocking software running.
  2. A re-install of VIPM seems to have worked. I did not have to deal with activation, so I assume the program data was not corrupted.
  3. I am my IT department. This is one PC on behind a router. Other PCs work fine. The LEAP package was downloaded separately and opened from VIPM, not downloaded through it. I can get to all the Sourceforge sites and download directly via my browser. This happens with *every package*, not just OpenG or MGI or JKI. All of them. I just tried to install your RCF. It downloaded and then did nothing. So I clicked on the package and it gave me the Incompatible message. So then I restarted and tried again. Since it did not have to download, it opened and began the installati
  4. Just to be clear; I am not aware of any reason why any website would be blocked. The file was downloaded; is there another network resource that might be blocked?
  5. My network is not blocked, windows Firewall is disabled and I have no problem getting to JKI.net otherwise. The files download, as far as I can tell. Attached screenshot of the package in the cache + error message Maybe something else?
  6. I am receiving this error in the Package Information Dialog after I try and install any packages (VIPM 2013.0.1, build 1905; LV 2013 x32 on Windows 8.1): "This package is not compatible with your OS or any LV Version installed on your computer" Some more info: * I already have several packages installed and working. * After restarting VIPM, I can double click a non-installed package, and this error is not present. * I then attempt to install ANY package, and the dependencies are loaded and presented. * This error pops up after that point. * It's then persistent in any Package I
  7. Error log attached. That reminded me that I am running eval versions of 8.6 and 2009 on this new machine, until my client's upgrade comes through. So I thought that maybe this had something to do with the Eval screen that pops up, but I had already disabled it. So after I looked at the logs, I started VIPM (it automatically started as an Admin) and it worked perfectly. So I am not sure what's up.
  8. I have installed VIPM on several W7 platforms (both x32 and x64) and not seen this. The installation appears to go smoothly. When I start it for the first time, a list of packages appears (although I am not sure if it got to the point of downloading the list). If I don't click on a package, things are ok. But as soon as I click on a package, the program becomes unresponsive. Actually, the install/uninstall package buttons at the top appear to be racing through enabled/grayed out, as if the program is racing. I need to kill it via task manager. I uninstalled, deleted the Program Fi
  9. I have modified two of the files in the OG Variant library. As things work now, I install the library on each machine and then manually copy over the modified files. Can the VIPM Builder recreate the package with my changes (easily), so that i can uninstall the main OG library and install my modified version instead? How much work would it be to recreate the palette/install, etc?
  10. Possible issue: I had mixed LV version files in the lib folder (8.5, one 8.6 file). When I removed the 8.6 file, it worked. If this is expected behavior, maybe update the error message?
  11. While trying to build a small vipm, I get the "all source files must be closed" box, continuously. I cleared my clipboard, and everything else is closed. Any ideas?
  12. I just installed VIPM, on Vista. I got this error... So I went to that folder and directly ran the installer.exe. This brings up the UAC prompt for security, which did not come up when directly running from the VIPM download. Note: I am using a replacement UAC interface from Norton that is a little better than the MS one- so I don't know if it would have worked without the upgrade. If I remember correctly during the beta, I needed to run as Admin all the time. That's fine, but you might want to make a note of that directly on the installer window, or check for windows v
  13. I am again working with a google API structure, which they provide using single quotes: Easy XML handles this... This just parses out three blanks, with no error... Now, it may be true that when running the API the text is provided with double quotes (I haven't had a chance to check) but Google is providing the example in their documentation with single quotes. Ex: http://code.google.com/apis/contacts/devel...html#Retrieving Anyone know the spec?
  14. I was trying to create a typeDef that contained an attribute named something like "xml:value", but the XML returned by easy XML omits the colon in the output name: . The documentation doesn't have anything about escaping a colon. This is an element inside one of the Google API XML structures.
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