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  1. Tested and approved Issue fixed after building packages with this lab release. Thank you for your reactivity. Olivier
  2. Hello Mickael, It sounds similar. Thanks for the heads-up. I will try to build the vip without the conflict package set. I keep you in touch and look forward for a fix. Have a good day.
  3. Hello Ashish, I think I have a good understanding of the two topics you mention. I'll try to better explain my issue. We have packages built with older version of VIPM that we can properly install with all VIPM except VIPM 2014. Trying to install them with VIPM 2014 throw the conflict error. An easy workaround is to not upgrade VIPM to 2014 version. The problem with that is that we have some packages (available on the LVTN) built with VIPM 2014, so we need to upgrade to install them. The question is: why this error appear during the install process using 2014 and not with others VIPM version? Sending you the affected packages could help you to understand our issue ? Thanks, Olvier
  4. Hello JKI team, The version of VIPM 2014 prevent us to install internal reuse packages that have been built and successfully used with previous VIPM version. The following dialog is shown. The weird thing is that the conflict point to a very old package not used. I've tried to build the package with VIPM 2014 and still have the error. This issue prevent us (15 developers) to upgrade VIPM. Knowing that package built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed with older VIPM that could become a real issue for us. Any advice will be very helpful. Have a great day. Olivier
  5. Hi Ashish, Please forgive my delayed response, I was busy these days. I did what you tell me and everything seems to work know. Thank you for your support. Olivier
  6. Hello everyone, When I want to upgrade a package I come across error 14. Note that VIPM teel me that it is goig to perform an "install" action instead of "upgrade" action. The directory C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\databases\LV 12.0\saphir_lib_mysqlview has the following files inside : Removing these files allow me to install the package. Any idea to fix this issue ? Thanks, Olivier
  7. LabVIEW 32 bit on windows XP 32bit and windows 7 64bit
  8. Additional note : Error occurs during installation process as well
  9. Hi all, I have the following error when I uninstall protected packages. Error occurs at the start of the process. Un-installation continues without error. Note that error occurs only in LV2010 not in LV2011.
  10. Hi, Michael. Change is done. Connection is OK this morning. I will check to see if this fix the issue in the long term. As a side not, Timeout was previously set to 60 sec. It seems enough for me even if my internet connection is slow. Is timeout setting realy sec or ms ? thanks, Olivier
  11. Hello, I get this error quite often My internet connection is not down (I'm currently writting this post on the computer where VIPM is running ). The weird thing is that "traditional VIPM" works fine --> I can check repository and install packages from LVTN. Any idea to solve this ? Thanks, Olivier
  12. Hey JKI team, I'm just comming back fron NI-Week and installing new VIPM 2011 version. I know that Win XP is an end of life OS, but I'm still using it and my diplay settings give a weird look as you can see on the following picture. I think tha black strips are due to system color set by color template light grey. This is not an important issue, but it can be surprising. Regards, Olivier
  13. Hi Michael, For my personal case I see two problematic point (not tried yet). How lvlib will be managed by LabVIEW template window ? How the membership of VI will be managed when new VI will be created from this template ?
  14. Hello Michael, renaming is not a solution in my use case. I'll try to do multiple packages and see if it won't be too difficult to maintain. Thanks, Olivier
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