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  1. No problem, I appreciate the help, just trying to give you what information I have, I understand that this one is probably going to be difficult to repeat on another machine. So is this merely a problem with the permissions? Certainly every step that's moved me closer to getting this running so far has been to do with changing permissions somewhere. Thanks again, Glen
  2. Okay, I have been able to get VIPM to start from within LabVIEW by issuing the command 'gksudo labview' from a termainal. VIPM will then start from Tools -> VI Package Manager... I have managed to install the LabPython package but not ogrsc_dynamicpalette. When I try to install the latter VIPM re-launches LabVIEW (despite there being an instance already open) and then says "trying to connect to labview... timeout in xxx seconds". It then proceeds to timeout and can't connect. I think the issue is with root permissions being passed and remaining open but I haven't been able to get any f
  3. Any ideas? I'd really like to get VIPM going and am at something of a loss myself...
  4. Philippe, Currently I am running 1280 x 800. I tried 1024 x 768 but there was no difference in the behaviour of the program. The linux box is a laptop with an AMD64 X2 processor, no dual monitor. Also, no extra error log files have appeared since the original two I posted, despite me trying to start VIPM many times. Not sure if that's significant. Thanks for the help, please let me know if there's anything else I can do to help. Cheers, Glen
  5. Addendum to the previous post: I have tried to start VIPM again and the same thing happens but when I check the error directory no extra log files are present, just the two from Jan 27 and Jan 29. Looking at the text of the error messages they seem to be related to the VI Machine Access settings (which took me a while to get set up but which now conform to the VIPM installation instructions) (I think).
  6. Philippe, Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been away from home for a few days. There were two error files, each seeming to contain different information: ========= START of VIPM Error Message ========= An internal VIPM Error has occured on: Tuesday January 27, 2009 at 02:35:48 PM = Automated Message Start = Error 42 occurred at (Timeout value exceeded!) 4E0CA8723C62FA1007F052D25E9516E9:1 in C986C3749627EA4897F596A6B2B5BD63->VIPM Configure LV Port.vi->VIPM Add LV Target.vi->DB54179D63709628953C0E7AEBD06939.lvlib:4880D2E1E14491FD44DD98FEB1319401->DB5417
  7. Hi Jim, No problem, these things happen. Thanks for getting back to me. Unfortunately though I now cannot get VIPM to start. From LabVIEW I select Tools -> "VI Package Manager..." and the LabVIEW windows closes but then immediately re-opens and VIPM does not start. I have tried launching it from the command line using "sudo ./VI\ Package\ Manager" and the VIPM splash screen appears and then disappears but the main window never opens. Control is also not passed back to the terminal window, which hangs until "Ctrl+C" is issued. Do you have any ideas as to what is wrong or how to fix
  8. Hi, I'm trying to install VIPM 2.0.3 on an AMD64 running Ubuntu 8.04.1 with LabVIEW 8.2. I run the installer with "sudo ./vipm-2.0.3-linux". The installer runs but then appears to crash after the window asking for the installation directory (should be an "Installing" progress bar?). Last time this happened I tried 3 times to do the install and on the 3rd attempt it worked, even though I don't think I did anything differently. Unfortunately I discovered upon re-start my computer that the VIPM install apparently broke something in my OS and the computer was unusable. I just tried to ins
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