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  1. Were the use of packed libraries ever looked into? We're running into some real headaches that caused by not being able to deploy a package as a packed library (or even just use a packed library as the source of the package). Our issue is that we have several APIs that we are currently distributing as a package AND those are then getting built into extensible / plugin applications. The goal was for our developers to be able to use the distributed API to develop a plugin for one of our applications. Excluding the VIPM / Palettes stuff, one of the best ways to achieve this was to have our ma
  2. Hi, Whilst looking into the new TSVN tool today I came across a use for the "Rename" function - I was thinking that this would be a great way to get LabVIEW and SVN to play nicely in a way that is not normally possible. What I wanted to do was move a VI from /Project/FolderA/File1.vi to /Project/FolderB/File1.vi. However, the rename dialog did not seem to give me any way to adjust the folder of the VI, only the name itself. Am I missing something and if not, would you consider adding this in future releases? Thanks, Shaun
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