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  1. Question, I made a button and it works. Cool. I am trying to use it in a x-control with the button in a resizeable pane and wanted to have the button fill the entire pane. that's the easy part. I noticed that the icon scales with the button which is what I was attempting to figure out how to do with a decal when I found this method. That problem is now solved. So I thought, hey, why not put a high res (64x64) icon on there and then it will look much nicer as it rescales, which it does. However, I noticed that if you scale the button down below its original size, you permanently los
  2. I will give those a try. How well does the rename and delete functions deal with VIs that are loaded into memory? Greg
  3. Thanks for the response Jim. Its good to know that I was not just missing something I love the concept of being able to use Tortoise from within LabVIEW, however I am not sure how useful it will be without being able to execute atomic adds, commits and updates. Although I think the revert function will be useful. Greg
  4. I am sure that there is some way to do this, however it is unclear exactly how to do it. I added several new files to my project and modified several others and wanted to do a commit. Normally I would (in file explorer) right click on the top level and select commit. Tortoise will then poll everything for new and updated files and let me commit them all in one go. It seems with the LabVIEW add in, when I try to commit, it only commits the active VI and if I try to commit from the project window, it will only commit the selected vi. If I have new VIs, I need to manually add them, one by
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