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  1. Hi Jim, hi anybody at JKI, when do you plan to release this? The sources on github (link in post #2) are more than 8 month old. Are there newer versions available anywhere? Thanks, Thomas
  2. Hi Ashish, mass compiling was activated. All VIs under <LabVIEW> are mass compiled while installation. Only VIs placed in custom folders are not mass compiled and relinked. Best Regards Thomas
  3. Hello Ashish, when I put everything into a single package, the VIs NOT placed under <LabVIEW>\vi.lib are NOT correct relinked to them. When opening the top level VIs LabVIEW starts searching for the VIs which are now installed in LabVIEWs folder structure. Actually I have this workaround: I have to 2 projects and 2 packages. In 1st project/package everything to put into LabVIEWs folder structure. And a 2nd project/package to use the VIs previously installed. This installs my code to "C:\ProgrammData\MyProject\..". Does it help? Best regards Thomas
  4. I want/have to build a package, where most of the VIs are located under LabVIEW ..\vi.lib path and some top VIs should be placed in "C:\ProgrammData\MyProject". All VIs are placed at there correct destinations after installing my package(s). BUT: When I open my top level VIs from "C:\ProgrammData\MyProject" LabVIEW starts searching for the subVIs and finds them in "C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2014\vi.lib\MyProject\.." LabVIEW warns me for new dependency paths for my subVIs. a) if I put all in a single package the expacted path is "C:\labview\vi.lib\MyPr
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