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  1. Hello Jim, It used to be that older versions of VIPM could connect to the newest versions of LABVIEW. Is there any particular reason why this changed? This issue seems to have happened from the VIPM 2018 Version because it was a major update. Is this going to happen for all versions of VIPMs in the future? The problem is that I have a licence for VIPM 2018, and now I can't use VIPM 2018 with LABVIEW 2019 (I won't be able to generate VIPC files without the licence). thanks Helcio
  2. I have installed LABVIEW 2019, and I followed the procedures to make sure VIPM can communicate with VIPM 2018.0.0f2: https://support.jki.net/hc/en-us/articles/214135683-Resolving-issues-with-VIPM-connecting-to-LabVIEW But, still I do not see LABVIEW 2019 listed within the VIPM window: Any clue on how o solve this? Thanks
  3. Hi Jim, I just watched you presentation on State Machine Objects at NI Week 2015 ( to view, follow the instructions here: https://lavag.org/topic/19154-ni-week-2015-videos/),and I liked it a lot. I am wondering if you are going to make the Programatic API for the State Machine Objects available to the community, or is it going to take some time? Thank You Helcio
  4. Hello all, Finally there are better clues of how to use JKI state machine for exchanging data with others jki state machines (Thanks Justin!): Here is the link of the template library for that Justin Goeres created for his presentation at CLA summit 2011 Template jki intercommunication with other jki state machines However, as Justin Goeres mentioned in the CLA summit 2011 (VI SHOTS PODCAST), there is a problem when using his template if you need the timeout case in the event structure. Attached there is an example in labview 2010 (a little modification of what Justin Goeres' exa
  5. Hi Jim, It all works fine now and I have no idea of what was causing the problem.... Anyway thanks for all. Helcio
  6. Hi, I am sure I am doing the right thing choosing 2 # names: thanks
  7. Hi Jim, This is very odd. Still, after disconecting all the type defs it continues not working. I expect not to get error 91 reading the xml file with easy xml read. Thanks Helcio EASY_XML_does_not_work_NI_XML_works22.vi
  8. Hi, Easy XML has broken my heart, it refuses to parse complexer structures. Please, give a look in this dirty example:EASY_XML_does_not_work_NI_XML_works.vi As you can verufy, easy xml writes an XML file but is unable to parse the data. Unfortunately I will have to live with the NI XML Vis, since there is no other option for this case. Please, let me know if anybody find a solution for this. thanks Helcio
  9. Hello Jim, Yes it would be really great if Justin could put the POWER SUPPLY code available for download. It is not enough to read Justin's presentation to understand this design pattern. Please, share this example. thanks Helcio
  10. Hi Jim! The Ni week should be over tomorrow, so could you, please, post the link for the ni week presentations? Please could you also post the VIs in the presentation JKI STATE MACHINE VERSUS NI STATE MACHINE so that everybody can be able to download and follow the presentation? thanks very much Helcio
  11. Hi Jim, I read the GOOP chapter indicated by you in the book. Also I am trying to learn more OOP, but still I continue without a clue in how to implement the JKI producer loop to share data with other JKI producer consumer loops. Could you post an example of that when you have time? Also, there will be a presentation section in the NIWEEK 2010 dedicated to the comparison between the JKI state machine and the other types of state machine. Could you post the presentation on this website for those, like me, who won't attend the NIWEEK? Thanks Helcio
  12. Hi Jim, Thanks for the information. I guess I really have to start learning GOOP, it will be very useful. thanks again! Helcio
  13. Hi Jim, Yes, this helps a lot! thanks again! Helcio
  14. Hi, I am also trying to do the same as Dialooc and I did try to take the string value out of the visa serial port. Please, could you advice me if there is a better way to do it? easyxml_serial_port_information.vi
  15. Hi again, The jki state machine producer consumer loop is working nicely using it in the way described by you. I was wondering what would be the best way to use the jki state machine producer consumer loop to intercommunicate with other jki state machines Producer consumer loops (JKI SM PC loop) in the same project, but not in the same vi. For example, suppose I have 1 JKI SM PC loop that continuously acquire data from the serial port. What would be the best way to transfer the data from this jki sm pc loop to another jki sm pc loop in another vi which will plot the serial data acqu
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