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  1. Hi JKI Today I have created one package with the VIPM community edition (2020.3), that I want to send to the community. But like I do it in LV2011, I have sent it to a friend to test it under LV2020. When he has tried to open it with his VIPM free edition (2020.3), he obtains the message below: This feature of the VIPM API does not function with the Free version of VIPM. Please ... Please, can you tell me what's wrong? Eric ebc_lib_explore_vi_folder-
  2. Hi i have try to upgrade to last version to my LV2018 on W7 and it crash LV during install. VIPM error message in snapshot. I have downgrade to previous version and all work fine. Regards
  3. Hi You are right. Current View Reference isn't useful. But Invoke node "GetActiveViRef" is finally one bad solution and for at least two reasons: 1) That's not run in exe (see my previous post) 2) If you have one another vi run in parallel with the launcher, and if you click on it, this view become the Active VI and when the cursor modification is proceeding, it's in this view than the modification operate. Or you can loose the cursor release, in this case the cursor stay idle when you go back to launcher VI. Eric
  4. Finally my previous solution do not run with EXE. I propose one 2nd solution who run, but i'm not very satisfy with it because you need to modify launcher. JKI STM Cursor error.vi Launcher.vi
  5. I have found one bug with cursor set fonction , when JKI StateMachine is loaded in subpanel. Ihave made two vi for test and find one (imperfect) solution. (see my comments in cursor set step). Launcher.vi JKI STM Cursor error.vi
  6. no one to tell me if my QD works and if Vipm package is ok ?
  7. Don't worry , it's already forget... I didn't know this feature of your QD (where is it documented ?) I have test it today, and don't take it wrong, but i prefer mine . With mine you can easly * Show arguments and select them without write somethings. * Add comments or block comments in string cste. * Move the order of the state in string. * Lock one or few states (right click on right list of states). * Replace one state by another (with replace button). * Add arguments case without get out of QD (right click in arguments list). * Use drag and drop or button for cas
  8. Hi Jim Thanks for your reply, but i find it a bit agressive (maybe it's about translation,i'm french). Don't worry, i don't want to compete with you and rob of your status of best QD . I know your Case select RCF and find it very pratical (i use version because i'm always in LV2011). I'm not agree with you and thinks than you can't compare our tools. the only things i have found who seem near, is the capacity to create case in JKI stm. And if i look in detail, yours create one empty case,while mine create one complete JKI Stm Case (with wire, background color and Add state to que
  9. Hi JKI STM users After few years of resistance to Quick Drop usage (i always prefer JKI RCF), i have decide to create one QD who include my previous JKI STM tools. Before propose it to the QD community, I need somes beta testers to valid the package and the QD too. I have test it on LV2009 and LV2011, and all to seem to be ok (on my PC). This QD include 3 tools: 1) JKI STM editor 2) JKI STM add states 3) Remover off unused "add State to Queue.vi" Is it easy to use. 1) For JKI STM editor: Select in first one string constant connect to one "add State to Queue.vi" and launch QD with
  10. Hi Michael I have see that on "Eyes on Vis" forum: Making the Most of New User Event Features in LabVIEW 2013 - Michael Aivaliotis, JKI, Product Manager Event-based programming is a recognized best practice in software development, and it is particularly important in LabVIEW, where nearly every significant application uses multiple loops and multiple pieces of hardware. Watch a Certified LabVIEW Architect and LabVIEW Champion demonstrate how User Events work, how JKI uses them in every project, and how they are even better in LabVIEW 2013. Also explore Version 2 of the famous JKI State
  11. Hi Mickael it was just after licence agreement panel when lv9 is launch. But Finally, today all seen ok and package install run good. apology for this false problem. Eric
  12. Hi Today i have try to upgrade one package (NI Asynchronous Message Communication (AMC) Library to LV2009 with VIPM2013, and LV2009 start and crash. I have upgrade with success other VIPM package (like openG), but only AMC package create this problem. I have install AMC in LV2011 with success too. Another thing is when i verify connection between VIPM and LV2009,LV2009 start and crash too. Best regards E.Bobillier
  13. Hi JKI STM users Today i have update my jki state editor RCF plugin. see here New features. * Now String States constant always grow at left and justify left when modify. * Now only case structure connect to argument tunnel populate arguments list. * You can right click on arguments list and add one case not previously define. Run only if one case structure allready exist and connect to argument tunnel. * Now String constant is colorize with different colors for arguments, comments and lock states when you update it. Like that string constant text bec
  14. Hi JKI Team I have develop two new vi's for jki state machine structure. It's a "skip Until state" and skip_FromTo_State" Vi's. Those vi's skip few states in queue state list. I find them usefull when you want to skip few states in queue. See my example to understand. I wait your comments and perhapse on inclusion in future release of JKI state machine package. Regards Eric Skip_Until_JKI_State_Machine.vi Skip_FromTo_JKI_State_Machine.vi Skip_FromTo_JKI_State_Machine Example.vi
  15. It's a little off topic, but can you explain me how you add Vi Tester icon button in the project menu toolbar. Eric Project icon menu.bmp
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