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  1. Hi, I tried to update my Linx (already had an old one installed) but I keep getting this error: Main Package Name: MakerHub LINX v2.0.0.93 Package Name with Error: MakerHub LINX v2.0.0.93 Error Message: VIPM could not install the package lvh_linx- . Error Code: 8 Error Source: Delete in 5E401E0B5706BDA752706125C1829C8D->73199ADC28AC56053B2D028FE08D821A- >4E83B3E7ABE6EB76197E403172FA3298->OGPM Class.lvlib:F1B7AB8155DFB5A57C76E744EBF6D846->OGPM Class.lvlib:8DA808F6EDC3F497E0970966EA075B32->151384EDD6F89B08F780714EAD830768->VIPM Main Window.vi<
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