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  1. Thanks! However, something is still unclear: Is there a way to have TestCase.setUp be different for each test? Also, what do you mean by "open a separate context for your program for the specific testCloseProg test method that is not used by other tests"? Thanks again, Danielle
  2. Hi, I'm new to unit testing and I'm a bit confused on how to use setUp and tearDown. It seems as though setUp is run before every test, and not once before all the tests. Therefore, it makes sense that there should be a way to choose the setUp according to the test being run. For example: If running a test called testCloseProg that closes a program, setUp should open the program, and for other tests not (or another example). I could find no way of doing this. In that case, why is setUp run before each test? Thanks, Danielle
  3. Hi, I was wondering if there was a shortcut key to commit? That would make things easier - Ctrl+S to save, Ctrl ? to commit and exit... Thanks, Danielle
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