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  1. Hi, For my build servers I would like to avoid having to call Labview to run a vi that uses VIPM API to apply a vipc. Instead I would like to execute a command that does the same thing. I keep reading about the VIPM (File Handler) command line API but I can't find any documentation about it? Where is it? Cheers
  2. Our build server fell over last Friday. Nobody noticed, this morning I am greeted with this: This is how it started: =========== START of VIPM 2018.0.0 (build 2027) Error Message =========== An internal VIPM 2018.0.0 (build 2027) Error has occured on: Friday July 31, 2020 at 05:29:08 PM = Automated Message Start = Error 2 occurred at Obtain Queue in JKI_LVConfig__jki_lib_configuration_file.lvlib:1188A4A91C005F423D89358A8C95F362->4F9D0428213F8F95FE3 A745133E46203->FF473C6B63ADACAEF90D52E8AFBDC45F->246E5055266A40F567071DB843B25FE8->1C008B1C8A190D0D7 176E93799F7534B-&g
  3. Always forward, Jim I don't want to bring up the "increased performance" argument. I mean, we're using LabVIEW after all. Nobody who's using LabVIEW can seriously play the performance card. I regularly see VIPM using over 1GB of memory and sometimes crashing with an "out of memory" error - although that might be due to the ridiculous 4GB of total memory available on that machine. How long before that goes to 2GB, 3GB? We've had 64bit on windows for 15 years now. I think it's time to move on. At least give us the option. Surely VIPM isn't depending on modules that don't exist in 64b
  4. Please make a 64bit release of VIPM
  5. Hi, This is not a problem report but more a success story. Well done crew! I heard about caraya when I looked through the talks of VI Week (and I'm still watching videos) and I wanted to give it a go. I've been wanting to try unit testing for a while but the built-in stuff just wasn't doing it for me. We (work) do all our building, releasing and deployment via Azure pipelines so when I heard that caraya can generate JUnit format test results, I jumped straight in and made myself a test pipeline for a new feature we just added to one of our libraries. I downloaded the TDD templat
  6. Excellent, Thanks @Jim Kring. Is there a planned release date for VIPM 2020?
  7. Has anyone from JKI seen this? @Ashish @Jim Kring I thought there might be some interest in fixing this bug
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