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  1. Publishing the System Packages did solve the issue. In order to find the System Packages to publish, I had to check the "Show sub-packages" in the VIPM Options > General tab.
  2. Cross posted on LavaG, but was not getting any replies. So lets try here. I am using the newest version (2020.1) of VIPM, but I had this same issue with the release of 2020. For two of the packages that I have created for internal repos, VIPM has decided that I need a System Package. The posts I have seem from JKI indicate that this is a sub-package that is used internally to the main package, and should be automatically included. However, after I am seeing issues on any PC other than the PC where the package was built. Is there a setting I am missing?
  3. Here is what I have done so far to reproduce the issue (I can reproduce on multiple packages, I used a simpler example for the post): Build my FGV Package. Shown below is the file locations on disk in the LabVIEW Project. I then built the package, and installed the package. After installation, the files are all in the FGV folder, with no extra files. Now I want to build my File Path package, which depends on the FGV Package I just installed. NOTE the FGV - Test Mode located in the FGV folder on disk. VIPM correctly identifies that the BMI FGV package i
  4. I am creating some packages for our internal reuse code. I create Package "Config Files". This package does not have any other package dependencies, and installs as expected (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW). I create a second package, "File Paths", which calls a vi in the Config Files package. Since the Config Files package is installed, VIPM correctly says that the Config Files is a dependency. When I go to build and install (using custom directory, not under LabVIEW) the File Path package, I see a copy of the vi from Config Files under the directory of File path,
  5. I am using the trial version of VIPM to evaluate whether our company wants to utilize VIPM Pro for our process. I have been happy with it so far, and have been able to create a number of packages. Now I want to start having other team members use the packages I created. So I have published to a repo on a network drive. When the other team members (who have the free version of VIPM) try to go to the Tools > Options, then click on "Network" to add a subscription to the local repo, they get a dialog that says "Subscribing to a VI Package Repository, requires upgrading your Free versio
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