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  1. I have admin rights on PC.. I'm not sure if any permissions had been changed recently from some IT update.. which very possible. I'm not sure what else could be causing this.. I'll try to reach out to my IT dept. and confirm.. thanks for your support.
  2. For some reason this has caused the program to hang on start.. I see the Icon in task bar but the app is not loading.
  3. Update did not fix issue.. I tried reinstalling but did not help. I recently updated LV2020 to SP1. Attached is the error log.. February-25-2021.txt
  4. Main package list.. i noticed there is update available will see how that goes after update. Thanks..
  5. Hi, I'm experiencing issues with VIPM 2020 for LV2018(64bit) and LV2020(64bit)...my installed packages will appear in the list as they should but will all disappear at some point after loading.. i have to reboot PC to get them show again. Any thoughts on how this could happen?
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