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  1. A quick update on that issue. I eventually fixed it! For that I create a blank project and dropped lvlib contained in my working project. Here is the "magic", LabVIEW started to throw me dialog box to find VIs it couldn't find at an old expected place (almost the same error reported by VIPM). After resolving these conflicts, the package is building fine. The really strange thing is that conflicts never shown in the working project... Hope this can help.
  2. Hi JKI Team, I'm facing an issue building a package since I've changed the dependent package's destination path. For the record, this impacts Antidoc open source project Let me explain. Antidoc package (called A) relies on the Asciidoc Toolkit package (called B). Library of B was formerly installed in ../B/Sources/B.lvlib. I modified the vipb to have the library installed in ../B/B.lvlib I made the same modification for A. As it worked fine for B, I now have an error for A. VIPM is expecting to find some VIs in ../B/Sources folder that not exists anymore. I c
  3. Hi Jim, You can simply fork this project https://gitlab.com/wovalab/open-source/asciidoc-toolkit and try to build the vipb you'll find at the root of it. Thanks in advance for your feedback.
  4. Hi Jim, That was the setting I knew that exists and didn't find last night (I was probably too tired 😇). Anyway, I gave it a try this morning without success. I got no error, but text wasn't appended to vi description. Any idea ?
  5. Hi everyone, I'd like to change the description of the VIs contained in my package during the build process (to add BSD licence text). I created a pre build action and used the path array to add description to VI. It seems that the action vi is not called. What am I doing wrong ? Thank in advance for any help. Note: I'm using VIMP 2020 community edition
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