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  1. Update: On one of computers (with VIPM 2017), I'm able to launch the program when I 'Run as Administrator'. However my user account also has 'Administrative' rights. This concludes that it is nothing to do with the network, PCs are connected to. Thank you
  2. Hi, I'm experiencing this issue wherein everytime when I'm launching VIPM, I can see the flash screen for a while and then it closes. I've FREE version 2017 installed. I also tried installing latest version (2020) on a different computer but same behavior is observed. I'm able to see 'loading' message (screenshots attached) and that's it. These computers are part of my organization network and it could be firewall but expectation from VIPM application is to notify if it is due to firewall or similar. There is no error message/log I could find. Thank you
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