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  1. Hi LV Gurus, The Parse State Queue Arguments output is an awesome feature I have been using to update the status indicator. Is there a way for this feature to pass through escaped characters (e.g. \n ) so I can properly format the status "LCD" indicator. Currently when I send "Status >> Blah...blah... \n Blah..Blah" the Status LCD literally will display "Blah...blah... \n Blah..Blah" with the escape character printed and no new line. Thanks Guys!
  2. Hello LV Gurus, I have used JSM since release 1.0 (circa LV 2011). I understand the sub-diagram label feature was not yet implemented. Is there a reason why the JSM 2018 still not using sub-diagram labels (like below) since that has been standard in LV for many many years. Thanks guys! Sub-Diagram Labels enabled (lots of manual editing just to clean up those comments) Sub-Diagram Labels not enabled (current 2018 version):
  3. You forgot one important thing: an asterisk "*" in the Machine Access List. Also, very important, verify your TCP port address in the VIPM (Options >> LabVIEW tab). If you have multiple LabVIEW installations make sure each VI Server have unique ports. Good Luck! Relativity1
  4. Hello LV Gurus, I am creating a simple GUI to control a web (specifically RESTful web server) based DLI Web Power Switch Pro I have three problems: What is the "Base URL" Is it just the IP + port (e.g. or the whole URI including the path to the web server (e.g. Where and how do I insert the cross-site forgery ignore in the header (e.g. X-CSRF:x) with your REST API? The Default Header list does not include X-CSRF. Do you support Basic and/or Digest authentication? I get "Unauthorized" error
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