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  1. Hi @Jim Kring That worked😃. I had already gotten around the issue by uninstalling VIPM from Programs and Featuresafter having uninstalled it from NIPM.But then as soon as VIPM was reinstalled and updated again from its automatic update feature the issue in NIPM was back. As I suspected...The folder you sent was accepted as a source though so with that it is possible to do a repair without everything halting on the VIPM error. PS. NIPM is really terrible (compared to VIPM e.g.); From NIPM you cannot even repair VIPM without having to repair almost every component there is of LabVIEW ☹️
  2. This was on a machine with only one version of LabVIEW/RIO ever installed on it - 2020.
  3. I suspect that the issue was that after installing VIPM as part of the LabVIEW installation I had applied an update to VIPM. NIPM offered me to uninstall VIPM, but I noticed that after uninstalling in NIPM (and NIPM reported that no VIPM was installed) I could still find VIPM under Programs and Features. Once I uninstalled it from there as well I was able to run the repair from NIPM. If this is the case the issue could perhaps reappear though, due to the VIPM update function....If NIPM is not directly involved it loses track of what is installed and from where...?
  4. Trying to repair NI RIO on my machine NIPM keeps asking for the location of the VI Package Manager RunTime Engine: And the location it shows is of cours enot accepted (nor can I find one that it does accept). The funny thing though is that this happens even after I have uninstalled all parts of VIPM(!). Reinstalling VIPM does not resolve the issue either...Any ideas?
  5. 4.2.0b1 is a beta that was put on lavag.org, it has support for Linux RT targets that the previous one did not, unfortunately there is no official release with that functionality yet.The package had a slightly different name as well, which confuses VIPM a bit when trying to uninstall. See the discussion here: https://lavag.org/topic/21142-openg-zip-42/page/2/
  6. The error log shows an authentication issue for the server, so probably a certificate that needs to be updated or something? By temporarily accepting this in our firewall we got through...Should definitely be fixed on the server side though, with all LabVIEW 2020 users trying to use it and most of them probably having firewalls blocking the process. =========== START of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message =========== An internal VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error has occured on: tirsdag juni 23, 2020 at 03:50:11 p.m. = Automated Message Start = Error 363507 occurred at 487489412C8DC88F1BC985B0C2BD11EC:600004 Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: (Hex 0x58BF3) LabVIEW could not verify the authenticity of the server. Complete call chain: 487489412C8DC88F1BC985B0C2BD11EC:600004 JKI_API.lvclass:LogIn_Parse_API.vi MainUI.vi 3DDDEADAB56AD7591191154923B491E0 VIPM Main Window.vi = Automated Message End = = Error Handler Call Chain Start = VIPM Main Window.vi-> 3DDDEADAB56AD7591191154923B491E0-> MainUI.vi = Error Handler Call Chain End = =========== END of VIPM 2020.0.0 (build 2302) Error Message ===========
  7. I have the same problem now, irritating as hell. Having paying customers is of course the optimal for JKI, but it still seems silly to chase everyone over to alternative solutions. It is the adoption rate after all that makes the platform interesting for package publishers. And now that we are all forced to register to download even the open source projects proper logon functionality has become critical. Please support every user, and fix the connection issues.
  8. Regarding the issue of the not-working account I guess the reason was that VIPM does not accept accounts created here in the discussion forum, nor during previous VIPM free-installs(!?)? When trying to reset the password I did not get any feedback that the e-mail was not recognised, but no password reset response arrived.
  9. There seems to be an issue using VIPM without a sign-in. Starting VIPM 2020 after installing LabVIEW 2020 I chose the free edition and opted not to sign in (as I could not get my user account password, even though I tried with an e-mail address that I verified as used by JKI earlier...a side-issue?) - after doing so VIPM would show the splash screen, close that, but then just sit dead in the background not displaying anything... I tried this repeatedly, eventually manually removing the programdata folder (note that the software happened to be running at the time without me knowing it, and then did not handle the fact that it had files missing there - ending up in an infinite file error loop) and uninstalling-reinstalling it with no effect. The only fix I found was to remove it (and the programdata) again, to get back to the version-selection dialog, and then sign-in with a new account.
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