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  1. Why can't you use: \\servername\repofoldername\packagename.vip ?
  2. New VIPM Labs release is out to address this issue. http://support.jki.net/entries/24071293-VIPM-Labs
  3. No issues. I'll be rolling it out today on VIPM Labs. But the fix won't be official until the next service pack release.
  4. This has been fixed in the latest VIPM Labs release: http://support.jki.net/entries/24071293-VIPM-Labs
  5. Can you try this patched version and let me know if it fixes the issue?
  6. This has been fixed in the latest VIPM Labs release: http://support.jki.net/entries/24071293-VIPM-Labs
  7. I took a look at this today and think I can isolate it to a VIPM bug. I'm working on a fix for this.
  8. In regards to the above #2. I think there may be an issue with VIPM here, or my understanding of the problem. I just did two separate tests. One with classes and one without. In both cases I was calling installed package code with a password. I never got a prompt for the password. This is what I expected. Could you reproduce a simple example with this issue (and attach it)? I couldn't reproduce it.
  9. The error message is strange because the source of the error is the New VI Library.vi. I can't find where that VI is used in the internals of VIPM - if at all. Are you running a custom pre or post build step in your build process that uses this VI?
  10. Sorry. This is a legacy issue with the VIPM API VIs. We'll be releasing a new version in the next few weeks to address this issue.
  11. One issue could be that the temporary location is being viewed in file explorer or some other app has a handle on the temp files used by VIPM. This is very rare, but could happen. Is this something that is repeatable with every build or sometimes. Also try restarting your computer clean and do a build to see if it happens.
  12. I think this is expected. I assume the warning states it's from a known publisher (JKI). Also, I assume the first or second install didn't work but the third did?
  13. Yes, sorry for the bad wording on the error message. We were limited in what we could do. There were significant enough changes in the installation engine that we had to enforce this restriction. Packages built with VIPM 2014 can only be installed on VIPM 2014 or newer. Package built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed on versions of VIPM 2013 or older. VIPM 2014 supports all LabVIEW versions and is publicly available for download.
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