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  1. My apologies. The option "Disable Built-in Subscriptions: LabVIEW Tools Network and VI Package Network" on the Network tab was checked by default. I unchecked that box and then had no problems installing. Such a newbie problem!
  2. I have previously downloaded, installed and used JKI JSON version I need to copy the LabVIEW project, that depends on JKI JSON, to another computer. I downloaded and installed JKI JSON version on the other computer, but VI Package Manager informs me that some of the JKI JSON dependencies cannot be found: oglib_error >=; oglib_lvdata >=; jki_lib_serialization >= What are the steps to resolve this issue? Is there a way to copy JKI JSON and its dependencies from the computer that it works on to another computer? Thanks for your help!
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