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  1. Incidentally, this reminds me of another issue I had with the package building - VIPM did not manage to unload the VIs which were used by the RCF and kept showing the dialog about how the VIs have to be closed. Stopping the RCF allowed me to continue with the build.
  2. OK, that seems to have done the trick. You might wish to have it somewhere in the list of steps of installing the package (in general, it would be nice if VIPM could automatically handle the mass compile after installation). Another issue (which is probably only related to the RCF) is that at the end of the package build process, the builder was looking for a VI at "vi.lib\addons\...\Right Click API.llb\93A2BE868C4C04F3..." (I truncated it, I assume it should be enough). If I browse for the file, it appears in the window title as if it should be in the .lvlib which was generated fo
  3. I have the community edition version of VIPM (2.0.3) with all the relevant packages installed and up-to-date. When I try to build a package, the builder gets stuck in the middle looking for a couple of typedefs (I believe it's in the <LabVIEW>\Resource\OpenG\Build folder, but I'm not near that PC at the moment). The typedefs have "linker" in their name. I did find the typedefs in an LLB in the OpenG builder folder (with an addition of the builder namespace, "OGB", I believe) and when I selected them the build seemed to go through, so I guess I could just copy and rename those typ
  4. Thank you Michael. This board is a very good idea indeed.
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