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  1. Ah, okay great, thank you. I actually converged on this solution before I even saw the post here. I am noticing a trend, my last issue required the use of that Varray to Vcluster, this seems to be a useful one for XML toolkit Is there any documentation that explains why some data types work and others don't?
  2. I am having an issue with reading back XML data that was written with the XML toolkit. It must be something simple that I am missing here. CantReadXML_Data.vi
  3. One of my colleagues that I work with uses Perl to read & write XML files. One on the features that he likes most about this is that the XML files are extensible in the sense that more information can be added to the files later without breaking previous code that was used to write and read the original version of the files before additional information was added. I was wondering if there is some tip or trick to having this same capability with the VI's available in the XML toolkit. One way that I was thinking of was instead of using "Easy Read XML File.vi" directly I could read the all the data within the file first with LAbVIEW's file read VI's, then do some processing on the text to extract only necessary data and then use "Easy Parse XML.vi" on select portions of the file. There may be some other method that would require less custom coding for each file. Thanks for any input. Regards, Anthony
  4. Yes, that is what I was looking for. Thank you very much. Just out of curiosity, within the XML VIs, when writing values to the XML file does it use the OpenG VI "Format Variant Into String" ? Thanks, Anthony
  5. In an application that we are using, we have many variables, they are stored in a data structure as variants although their type varies. I would like to be able write their names and values out to an XML file using a string as the name and just the variant as the value. This works for one element, however when I try to write them all out using an array I get Error 1. I have attached the VI. Maybe there may even be a better method for doing this, any suggestions are welcome. Thanks Write Variable Name and Value.vi
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