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  1. Hi Thanks a million for the help. i dont know how but it started working after i just reinstalled the run time engine again thanks. Regards Fran
  2. Hi, thanks for getting back to me and sorry about my delayed response. im located in Ireland. i actually forgot to say that i tried running as an admin also but still didnt work. as for the logs i dont know where i can find these?
  3. Hi, Hi im new to this forum and using VIPM. I’m trying to download the labview Arduino interface toolkit. I went to the NI download page and followed the steps. • I downloaded the labview 2009 run time engine and it said i had a more up to date version already. I have labview 8.5. • so i downloaded and successfully installed the VIPM using the link provided for windows OS. im using windows 7 btw. • The problem is then when i tried to go to download the toolkit using the link a new internet tab(blank) opens and i get a msg saying “ this application needs to be opened with an application
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