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  1. Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.2GHz
  2. It has been suggested by Ashish earlier that this could be firewall or something else on our network. IT has connected my computer directly to internet and my pc firewall was turned off. No change unfortunately. I also looked at the traffic with packet sniffer and it looks that it does not send anything out before crashing. The first packet I could see was one related to Microsoft crash reporting. Thanks, John
  3. No joy... It still crashes. There was no [OGPM Options] section in this file. I just copy-pasted from your post. Here is the file in case if you wanted to check. C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\Settings.ini after adding [OGPM Options] section: [General] IsFirstLaunch="FALSE" Check new ver. of App. on startup?="TRUE" check for updates on startup?="TRUE" Suppress Download warning?="FALSE" Mass Compile After Package Install?="TRUE" Refresh Palettes After Package Install?="TRUE" [pkg list view settings] only installable versions?="TRUE" Sort Column Index="1" sort order="ascending"
  4. I have been looking at this piece of report and I wonder if you could tell me where exactly it tries to connect. Then maybe I could talk to our IT people to find out if our network has anything to do with it. Thanks!
  5. Michael, In addition to the info that I have sent you in the email earlier... I just finished complete reinstallation of LabView - it is 2012 DS2, patched with newest stuff. Downloaded new VIPM and installed as administrator. Unfortunately, it still crashes. Something is different, because once it went past the splash screen and the manager window appeared before the crash dialog. It also produced a crash report - I will send it to you in the email. Thanks for help.
  6. Does anyone has any advice on this one? I contacted support and as a result of that: I reinstalled the VIPM (again) Confirmed that my settings are as required. Tried running as administrator. Sadly, it is still crashing on the splash screen. Then I was told to run as "IT Admin" and to turn off corporate firewall for my computer or to take my computer home to see if it works. I just replied that this is not realistic that IT people will turn off firewall for my machine (or let me run any application with domain administrator rights). That is where the support ceased. I will p
  7. Note: This issue is now resolved. Please go here to download a version of VIPM that does not crash on startup: VIPM 2013 Build 1899 (Windows) =========== Hello, I have just installed VIPM 2012 and, for some reason, it doesn't go beyond the splash screen... I tried: - running as administrator - checking and setting LV settings as advised in "Resolving issues with VIPM connecting to LabVIEW" document Any ideas what else I should look at? I have a LabView 2011 SP1 Professional All network stuff is set as in the "Resolving issues..." document above. Error log
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