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  1. A recent conversation on LAVA: https://lavag.org/topic/21631-anybody-having-problems-with-vipm-2020-and-how-can-i-get-vipm-2019/?tab=comments#comment-132642 Suggest multiple LabVIEW developers are unhappy with the 2020 version of VIPM. I think you have been a bit aggressive in the number of changes, and you need to quickly get on top of some of the issues. You need a 2020.1 version soon.
  2. VIPM 2020 running in task manager, but main window does not appear, nor is VIPM icon in windows tray (Windows 7 on a Parallels virtual machine on a MacBook). Can open build specs and get that window, but cannot install packages. Attached is image of Build Spec window , but no main window.
  3. Confirmed this error on LabVIEW 2017 (no SP1 yet), and VIPM 2017.0.0f1. I'll try it on LabVIEW 2017 SP1 in a few days.
  4. Interestingly, I have a couple of VIMs that contain other VIMs, and they don't produce this error. Only the VIs that call VIMs do.
  5. I have the exact same issue: At the moment, I'm only calling VIMs inside my Examples, and so I'm excluding Examples from the package temporarily.
  6. Note that if you do this you are committed to making sure that any sequence of “states” you call must be able to handle any possible external interruption at any point. In other words, you must be super vigilant against race conditions. With the “idle” method, one can choose where in a sequence of steps one will accept outside input. For example, if you had the macro: Take Data Analysis Data Save Analysis and also a “Set Parameter” event that changes a parameter used in Analysis and Save, then you have a race condition where the analysis may be saved with a different parameter
  7. I think I am having the same issue. When is the next VIPM service pack expected? And is there a work around in the meantime?
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