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  1. There are a number of items that are not adequately covered in the documentation OR (in the case of the video) actually show you the wrong way to do things. This is not intentional on JKI's part but rather the result of improvements to the VI Tester which didn't get added to the pinned getting started stuff. Important things to be aware of (tested with LabVIEW 2014 32 bit): *) Don't copy the testExample.vit as per the video as you won't be able to see your tests EVER! The .vit is a template file and the VI Tester ignores all templates. You need to right click on the testExample.vit
  2. I too would be interested in a reply on this question. From the outside it seems hard to understand where Unit Testing on LabVIEW is going. The fact there are 2 tools is a little confusing but they are both very different in their nature. NI have their tool which has some good points but is suffers from: 1) lack of class support 2) Difficulty in flexibly specifiying input and output values for certain data structures 3) Speed (ie it is not particularly fast) On the other side of the fence is the VI Tester from JKI which is amazing, handles calsses and flexible data types
  3. May have been a firewall problem in the end. Looks like ZoneAlarm is alot less than clear about what it blocks and why. Flipping ZoneAlarm into Game Mode Allow all enabled me to install another package that it was reporting as unable to download.
  4. I have a work around: If I put the following URL into a browser it allows me to download the file and I can then open and install it with VIPM http://www.jkisoft.com/packages/download.php?file=packages/jki_tool_right_click_framework/jki_tool_right_click_framework- Still don't know why the download fails from within VIPM though.
  5. I have installed VIPM and have successfully installed a variety of packages but the "JKI Right Click Framework" fails. It used to work ages ago but I can't download the main package. I have tried on VIPM 2013 and just updated to 2014 and tried again with the same result. Can anyone suggest what is going on? Error is as follows: Main Package Name: jki_tool_right_click_framework v1.0.2.208-1 Package Name with Error: jki_tool_right_click_framework v1.0.2.208-1 Error Message: VIPM could not download the package jki_tool_right_click_framework- from the remote server. Er
  6. I have checked Firewall and AV and I think they are OK but I can't update package lists properly. Error listed below. I have checked the URL http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/addq_lib_g#/addq_lib_g#-'>http://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/packages/addq_lib_g#/addq_lib_g#- and it certainly 404's even on my browser. The check for updates under VIPM option says I am on the latest version which is V12.0.0 build 1780 Is there some config I am missing or anything else I should check. Could I still have a firewall issu
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