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  1. I get a error when installing the openG data library package: This package is not compatible with your operating system or any LVversion installed. I have Win 7 32 bit and LV 2012. Here the error file: = Automated Message Start = Error 1 occurred at (No Package Info found for "oglib_lvdata-") OGPM Class.lvlib:F6D7A0270D9B6BD1286334FB35BC3FAF in Pkg Props.lvclass:9CCFC63878887A61AC59CAA393E1C3D6->Pkg Props.lvclass:49DA6339D386AAF0E09096476BE3AEB1->Pkg Props.lvclass:VIPM Package Properties Window.vi->VIPM Main Window.vi Possible reason(s): LabVIEW: Ein Ein
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