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  1. Whenever I try to use LabVIEW search function (CTRL+SPACE), search window appears, then JKI Design Palette pops up and both disappear immediately. This happens both on front panel and on block diagram and regardless on JKI Design Palette being open or closed. I'm using LabVIEW 2016 32-bit.
  2. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the build process always fails for me and the error message is not helpful (see below). I have mass-compiled the project and found no broken VIs (build passes with VIPM 2019.0.0). Steps to reproduce Open a package build specification Press Build Package
  3. Steps to reproduce Open package build specification Increment the package version (save button must be active - don't press it yet) Press Build Package Notice that the save button is active during the build process. Press Save Package Project The configuration is saved and the dialog will return to edit-mode (build process is still running). After a few seconds the build process fails with an error.
  4. Dear community, To keep my report clean😀 here are my statements Goal Move code which contains (Boolean) references of controls to another frame by cut and paste. When pasting a copy of the controls are made, the references now reference to the newly created controls. Result I only cut the highlighted section, pasting results in a copy even using shortcuts (Crtl - V or menu Edit - Paste) Note the "2" behind the pasted references. Workaround Create a new reference and place this reference directly in the desired frame. Question Is it a bug or a feature? If so what would be an optimal way to rearrange the code between frames. System Using windows 10 LabVIEW 2020
  5. I am working with several projects, and one of them has started to have strange behavior when I try to open it. The project does not open, but is visible on the taskbar. the rest of the projects work fine, but I can't work with this one. (Build 2725)
  6. I saw this right-click option while poking around and was curious. When I click through, it doesn't appear to do anything (LabVIEW is still open)
  7. Thank you, now it asks and if confirm deletes installed packages. But it is strange that dialog window in my case is shown in upper left corner of the monitor (I'd expect it to be shown as on your screenshot, in the middle of the Dragon project window):
  8. UPDATE: don't know how to reproduce it yet, but here is approximately what has happened. 1. Opened one project in Dragon. 2. Then created new project in LabVIEW, left it opened. 3. Created new Dragon project with LV project created in step 2. 4. Installed there toolkit, just for testing. 5. Closed both Dragon projects, so Dragon was closed completely. 6. LabVIEW icon remained in task bar. 7. When clicked on it - the following window was shown: So this is 2nd project's window, but without title of the window.
  9. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch Dragon. 2. Right-click on empty space in the project's list, select Open menu item. 3. When dialog window is opened, click Cancel button. 4. Empty window is displayed. UPDATE: most probably when right-clicked on empty space, no menu should be displayed.
  10. I was creating Dragon configuration files manually for multiple projects, and by copy-paste it came to the state that VIPC file path was not valid anymore. But then, there were not listed neither packages installed globally, nor packages installed to lv-venv folder. Resources page view But it seems, that missing VIPC file should not influence at least global packages list...
  11. VIPM is opened. Then double-click on Dragon shortcut on Desktop (this shortcut is created during installation). Dragon's icon is shown for a while in task bar, and then disappears. No Dragon window is opened. So then the only way to launch Dragon is to click on Dragon icon in VIPM window...
  12. 1. Created LV project, added empty VI. 2. Created new Dragon project, selected above created project. 3. Opened Resources tab, Add Package -> SQLite Library in lv-venv folder. 4. Started installation. 5. Installation gets stuck on "Reading VI Linker" operation. But, toolkits are shown as Installed in VIPM window. 6. Pressed button "Cancel" in small VIPM Handler window -> window was simply closed. 7. Pressed red round "Abort current operation" button in VIPM window -> button disappeared. 8. Closed Dragon window -> it was simply closed, but VIPM remained opened. 9. Had to kill VIPM process via Task Manager. 10. Reopened Dragon project again, and opened VI in the project. 11. Checked functions menu palette. SQLite menu entry is there, but no VIs are loaded: 12. Inspected lv-venv folder on the disk -> VIs are present on the disk. 13. Tested this behavior in LabVIEW 2020 and LabVIEW 2017 - result is the same. 14. Tried to install SQLite Library into global environment via Dragon -> everything works fine. 15. Tried to install some another toolkit locally (OpenG Boolean library) - everything works fine. Maybe, it is issue just of SQLite Library toolkit, but for sure there is something not OK overall - somehow VIPM gets into the state when it is not responsive, and one has to kill it via Task Manager.
  13. 1. Created empty LabVIEW project (so just project, without any VIs) in LabVIEW 2020 (tested also with LV 2017). 2. Created new Dragon project with above created LV project. 3. Dragon shows project's LV version as 2013. LV 2013 - is the lowest LV version on my PC. When new project is created, and there is added at least some VI - then version is detected properly. UPDATE: it detects version properly when VI is in the project's folder. When project contains VI which is stored in another folder (outside of the project's folder), then still version is not detected properly.
  14. I've seen such "artefact" couple of times when somehow Dragon was active, and LabVIEW icon was visible in the tasks panel also (but Dragon's "LabVIEW Project" tab was not active, and no VIs were opened). I couldn't reproduce that particular situation, but in that case LabVIEW project window (menu bar) was visible somehow "outside" Dragon window - it was kind of floating, but it was not possible to close/manipulate it. But, it is possible to reproduce the following: 1. Open existing Dragon project. 2. Expand window to the whole screen. 3. Resources and Configuration tabs have visible project window (menu bar) in the bottom right corner:
  15. Double clicking a .Dragon file only opens the Dragon welcome screen. The behavior I was expecting is to open the LV project file
  16. Hovering over the Dragon icon shows "Search for LabVIEW Tools..." but it should say something like "Open Dragon...":
  17. Text is cut on the VIPM - Working dialog displayed during the VIPM Extensions installation process. Running on a VirtualBox VM with Windows 10 x64 English with French keyboard Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 Seen with the Alpha and the latest (2021.0.5.29) versions.
  18. With the latest version of VIPM (2021.0 build 2696), the VI Package Builder reports friends of a library as missing even though those friends are not used in the code that's built. In the small example I attached, I created a class "TheClass.lvclass" which has one method "SomeSharedFeature.vi" which is set to community scope. Another class "TheFriend.lvclass" uses this method, and is therefor defined as friend in "TheClass". All the LabVIEW files are located in the /source folder. I created a source distribution to export "TheClass" to another place, a folder named /build (mainly because the original project where this error occurred does the same). When I use "community-scope.vipb" to build a package, everything works as expected. But when I remove or rename the location of "TheFriend" (eg rename /source to /___source), then VI Package Builder complains about missing files: community-scope.zip
  19. The attached example project doesn't show the lv-venv palette for the two locally installed packages. Also, for the second package, there was an error message after installing it: community-scope.zip May this has to do with the fact that the .dragon file is not located in the same folder as the .lvproj file?
  20. When opening a .dragon file and choosing not to install required packages (i.e. clicking the "No: ..." button), the UI is not updated and the project view shows the list of resources.
  21. When clicking the "Add Package" link in the Project Dragon window, and the window itself is close to the bottom of the screen, the small search window is opened out of sight: add package.mov (Sorry for the size - I can't figure out how to scale media once inserted here)
  22. Hy, the large Settings button has a small visual bug. If the button is off it shows the gear as symbol, but if it is on in shows a black rectangle. Greets Martin
  23. Hi, First of all the package is amazing, the only thing that bugs me is something with the "text only" button. It is perfectly great when using buttons with icons, normal processor usage time and Ghz value. But the real problem occurs when the "text only" button is placed, one core is maxed out, Ghz is on top, until the button is drawn on the screen. This is something that does not make a problem at all when you have 8 cores or a small application with just a few functions, but in a large application, with a relatively weaker processor(for example a laptop or tablet pc) this could cause the application to break and stop. This issue was detected by my colleagues and made a great head scratch about it to find the problem with the slow application, hope in the future this problem can be fixed, our attempt to edit the button was not successful, maybe the zero sized icon makes the draw process such a big fuss. Have anyone found a solution to fix this problem? Bye, -V
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