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Found 19 results

  1. Whenever I try to use LabVIEW search function (CTRL+SPACE), search window appears, then JKI Design Palette pops up and both disappear immediately. This happens both on front panel and on block diagram and regardless on JKI Design Palette being open or closed. I'm using LabVIEW 2016 32-bit.
  2. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but the build process always fails for me and the error message is not helpful (see below). I have mass-compiled the project and found no broken VIs (build passes with VIPM 2019.0.0). Steps to reproduce Open a package build specification Press Build Package
  3. Steps to reproduce Open package build specification Increment the package version (save button must be active - don't press it yet) Press Build Package Notice that the save button is active during the build process. Press Save Package Project The configuration is saved and the dialog will return to edit-mode (build process is still running). After a few seconds the build process fails with an error.
  4. Dear community, To keep my report clean😀 here are my statements Goal Move code which contains (Boolean) references of controls to another frame by cut and paste. When pasting a copy of the controls are made, the references now reference to the newly created controls. Result I only cut the highlighted section, pasting results in a copy even using shortcuts (Crtl - V or menu Edit - Paste) Note the "2" behind the pasted references. Workaround Create a new reference and place this reference directly in the desired frame. Question Is it a bug or a feature? If so what would be an optimal way to rearrange the code between frames. System Using windows 10 LabVIEW 2020
  5. Hy, the large Settings button has a small visual bug. If the button is off it shows the gear as symbol, but if it is on in shows a black rectangle. Greets Martin
  6. Hi, First of all the package is amazing, the only thing that bugs me is something with the "text only" button. It is perfectly great when using buttons with icons, normal processor usage time and Ghz value. But the real problem occurs when the "text only" button is placed, one core is maxed out, Ghz is on top, until the button is drawn on the screen. This is something that does not make a problem at all when you have 8 cores or a small application with just a few functions, but in a large application, with a relatively weaker processor(for example a laptop or tablet pc) this could cause the application to break and stop. This issue was detected by my colleagues and made a great head scratch about it to find the problem with the slow application, hope in the future this problem can be fixed, our attempt to edit the button was not successful, maybe the zero sized icon makes the draw process such a big fuss. Have anyone found a solution to fix this problem? Bye, -V
  7. Hi I had a package named "cfgCampaña xdas" but due to the special character ñ I had some troubles to publish. I can not remember exactly the problem. Finally I renamed the package, it it published in my repository but the old package "cfgCampaña xdas" continues in the vipc file, but it is impossible to remove, and once I try to remove with the right click menu I can not close the window dependencias xdas.vipc vipmsupport_02-19-20_11-45-01.bin
  8. Dear JKI community, let me, please, share the following - button "Boolean--Home-House-40x40-Button-(flat)" has label "Pause 23". Thank you very much, Sincerely, kosist.
  9. Let me share the following please - button "Settings" does not have picture in the pressed state. Thanks a lot, Sincerely, kosist.
  10. My welcome screen looks ugly. Why is the font way too large for the allocated space, see picture? (LV 2019, Windows 10)?
  11. Hello JKI Team & Community, I'm having trouble activating the JKI Design Palette, specifically requesting the activation code. Labview throws an Network Time Limit Error when submitting the mail adress (see attached image). The error is consistent within the corporate network (proxy/firewall) and on the unrestricted mobile hotspot. Using Windows 10, Labview 2015 (32bit) Looking forward to trying the new controls, Cheers
  12. Another minor thing, the button behaves differently from the buttons in the built in path controls. Clicking the button will always trigger the file dialog prompt, versus the other buttons which won't open the dialog if the Mouse Up doesn't happen on the button. Update: Fixed file posted below:
  13. I'm using Open AF Method plugin and today when I installed Design Palette with Flat UI 2.0 I noticed that whenever I click on Open Method.. popup menu option, Design Palette gets opened too. It's annoying to close it every time I go from "Send message" vi to the method. Cheers, Patryk
  14. Just installed the design palette from VIPM and when i scroll down, LabVIEW freezes and i am forced to end its task. Check attached screen capture. LV version: LabVIEW 2015 (32-bit) OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) I also noticed another weird behavior: if i open a project, the Design palette will open with it, but when i close the project, the design palette will remain open and will prevent the LabVIEW welcome screen from opening (can't browse recent document or create new projects). I can still however press ctrl-n to create a new VI... 2019-08-09_21-28-05.mp4
  15. First of all: Thanks for another great LabVIEW tool - highly appreciated! It seems that the ports you are using to activate the design palette and/or download the content is blocked by our corporate network. Using my private internet I could activate it properly, but back again in the company network I get an error message again when I am starting the palette the first time. Would it be possible for you to use other, usually open ports? Or at least let us know which ports need to be opened?! Is there any plan when we can expect the palette for the 64 bit version of LabVIEW? Thanks, Ingo
  16. Hi all, I am having problems with running the JKI Design Pallet. I am getting this error when I sign in. Followed by Has anyone solved this problem with the sign in? I have JKI Flat UI Control 1.0 installed. Any help will be appreciated. Many Thanks
  17. Hi Volks, i've tried out the new Flat UI 2.0 Controls. Therefore I installed the package using VIPM. First of all I found it quite annoying that every time labview starts the window with the control platte popped up and there's no quick to find way to disable this hence i uninstalled it. Every time I try to compile an application or start labview I'll get another annoying message: Can you name me a fix for this issue? I've no idea where the new control palette nested in. Thank you very much. Nice greetings and thank you for sharing your outstanding plugins / VIs 🙂
  18. The design palette shows up every time I open a LabVIEW project, is it the intended behavior? And is it possible to change this? Cheers
  19. I am getting this error when I start labview (2018 64bit). If I even do a search for that file I don't find it anywhere
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