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  1. I reported this a couple of months ago via Twitter. At that time Jim responded that the reason packages built using VIPM 2017 do not work with earlier versions of VIPM is due to adding support to malleable VIs. Would it be possible for VIPM to have a way to package the packages the old way when they do not include a single malleable VI in them? Our main toolkit, DQMH, is available via the LabVIEW Tools Network, and we don't want to impose a VIPM version requirement for our users. We are having to stay with VIPM 2014 or 2016 in order to build DQMH packages if we want to ensure that everyone is able to install them. This is the main reason why we will not renew our service plan with JKI. It does not make sense to pay for a renewal when we are forced to use an earlier version of the product. Thanks, Fab
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