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  1. Whenever I try to use LabVIEW search function (CTRL+SPACE), search window appears, then JKI Design Palette pops up and both disappear immediately. This happens both on front panel and on block diagram and regardless on JKI Design Palette being open or closed. I'm using LabVIEW 2016 32-bit.
  2. I have package (LV source in 2019 SP1 32 bit) that builds just fine when I use VIPM 2020.3 But VIPM 2021 beta (2745) keeps failing with this message : In both cases VIPM Pro license was activated. Any idea what could cause this?
  3. Steps to reproduce: 1. Launch Dragon. 2. Right-click on empty space in the project's list, select Open menu item. 3. When dialog window is opened, click Cancel button. 4. Empty window is displayed. UPDATE: most probably when right-clicked on empty space, no menu should be displayed.
  4. VIPM is opened. Then double-click on Dragon shortcut on Desktop (this shortcut is created during installation). Dragon's icon is shown for a while in task bar, and then disappears. No Dragon window is opened. So then the only way to launch Dragon is to click on Dragon icon in VIPM window...
  5. 1. Created LV project, added empty VI. 2. Created new Dragon project, selected above created project. 3. Opened Resources tab, Add Package -> SQLite Library in lv-venv folder. 4. Started installation. 5. Installation gets stuck on "Reading VI Linker" operation. But, toolkits are shown as Installed in VIPM window. 6. Pressed button "Cancel" in small VIPM Handler window -> window was simply closed. 7. Pressed red round "Abort current operation" button in VIPM window -> button disappeared. 8. Closed Dragon window -> it was simply closed, but VIPM remained opened. 9. Had to kill VIPM process via Task Manager. 10. Reopened Dragon project again, and opened VI in the project. 11. Checked functions menu palette. SQLite menu entry is there, but no VIs are loaded: 12. Inspected lv-venv folder on the disk -> VIs are present on the disk. 13. Tested this behavior in LabVIEW 2020 and LabVIEW 2017 - result is the same. 14. Tried to install SQLite Library into global environment via Dragon -> everything works fine. 15. Tried to install some another toolkit locally (OpenG Boolean library) - everything works fine. Maybe, it is issue just of SQLite Library toolkit, but for sure there is something not OK overall - somehow VIPM gets into the state when it is not responsive, and one has to kill it via Task Manager.
  6. 1. Created empty LabVIEW project (so just project, without any VIs) in LabVIEW 2020 (tested also with LV 2017). 2. Created new Dragon project with above created LV project. 3. Dragon shows project's LV version as 2013. LV 2013 - is the lowest LV version on my PC. When new project is created, and there is added at least some VI - then version is detected properly. UPDATE: it detects version properly when VI is in the project's folder. When project contains VI which is stored in another folder (outside of the project's folder), then still version is not detected properly.
  7. I've seen such "artefact" couple of times when somehow Dragon was active, and LabVIEW icon was visible in the tasks panel also (but Dragon's "LabVIEW Project" tab was not active, and no VIs were opened). I couldn't reproduce that particular situation, but in that case LabVIEW project window (menu bar) was visible somehow "outside" Dragon window - it was kind of floating, but it was not possible to close/manipulate it. But, it is possible to reproduce the following: 1. Open existing Dragon project. 2. Expand window to the whole screen. 3. Resources and Configuration tabs have visible project window (menu bar) in the bottom right corner:
  8. Double clicking a .Dragon file only opens the Dragon welcome screen. The behavior I was expecting is to open the LV project file
  9. Hovering over the Dragon icon shows "Search for LabVIEW Tools..." but it should say something like "Open Dragon...":
  10. Text is cut on the VIPM - Working dialog displayed during the VIPM Extensions installation process. Running on a VirtualBox VM with Windows 10 x64 English with French keyboard Screen resolution 1920 x 1080 Seen with the Alpha and the latest (2021.0.5.29) versions.
  11. [ Update: The work-around for this issue is to OpenG String v4.1.1.16 ] Take a look at this "issue" that can appear after installing LV2020 : https://lavag.org/topic/21753-1d-array-to-string-not-compiling-correctly/ The video posted shows how to fix it. What happened to me was : - I've been using EasyXML happily for some time in LV2019 (my use include attributes) - I installed LV2020 - EasyXML in LV 2019 started to add an extra line at the end of attributes. I noticed that in Git when my config files had so many modifications. - for a few days, it's been very painful to try and find the error so I dug into EasyXML's inside then notice that the OpenG String VI : "1D Array to String" was adding a "\r" at the end of the delimited string. - then I found the post on LAVA which saved me a lot of time. So... just be careful with this if you use attributes. to give you an example, this : became that :
  12. I am having trouble installing VIPackage Manager 2020. I keep getting the following error: Any help would be appreciated.
  13. My welcome screen looks ugly. Why is the font way too large for the allocated space, see picture? (LV 2019, Windows 10)?
  14. The default icon for the Flat Path Control is the 'Add' icon. I would expect it to be something more an Open Folder icon, as in the System Path Control in Windows 10.
  15. Hello JKI Team & Community, I'm having trouble activating the JKI Design Palette, specifically requesting the activation code. Labview throws an Network Time Limit Error when submitting the mail adress (see attached image). The error is consistent within the corporate network (proxy/firewall) and on the unrestricted mobile hotspot. Using Windows 10, Labview 2015 (32bit) Looking forward to trying the new controls, Cheers
  16. I'm using Open AF Method plugin and today when I installed Design Palette with Flat UI 2.0 I noticed that whenever I click on Open Method.. popup menu option, Design Palette gets opened too. It's annoying to close it every time I go from "Send message" vi to the method. Cheers, Patryk
  17. Just installed the design palette from VIPM and when i scroll down, LabVIEW freezes and i am forced to end its task. Check attached screen capture. LV version: LabVIEW 2015 (32-bit) OS: Windows 10 (64-bit) I also noticed another weird behavior: if i open a project, the Design palette will open with it, but when i close the project, the design palette will remain open and will prevent the LabVIEW welcome screen from opening (can't browse recent document or create new projects). I can still however press ctrl-n to create a new VI... 2019-08-09_21-28-05.mp4
  18. First of all: Thanks for another great LabVIEW tool - highly appreciated! It seems that the ports you are using to activate the design palette and/or download the content is blocked by our corporate network. Using my private internet I could activate it properly, but back again in the company network I get an error message again when I am starting the palette the first time. Would it be possible for you to use other, usually open ports? Or at least let us know which ports need to be opened?! Is there any plan when we can expect the palette for the 64 bit version of LabVIEW? Thanks, Ingo
  19. Hi all, I am having problems with running the JKI Design Pallet. I am getting this error when I sign in. Followed by Has anyone solved this problem with the sign in? I have JKI Flat UI Control 1.0 installed. Any help will be appreciated. Many Thanks
  20. Hi Volks, i've tried out the new Flat UI 2.0 Controls. Therefore I installed the package using VIPM. First of all I found it quite annoying that every time labview starts the window with the control platte popped up and there's no quick to find way to disable this hence i uninstalled it. Every time I try to compile an application or start labview I'll get another annoying message: Can you name me a fix for this issue? I've no idea where the new control palette nested in. Thank you very much. Nice greetings and thank you for sharing your outstanding plugins / VIs 🙂
  21. The design palette shows up every time I open a LabVIEW project, is it the intended behavior? And is it possible to change this? Cheers
  22. I am getting this error when I start labview (2018 64bit). If I even do a search for that file I don't find it anywhere
  23. Update from JKI: This issue is planned to been fixed in VIPM 2018. So I can successfully build packages with VIMs in them. But I found that if I need to make a package, that depends on a package, which contains a VIM, the build will fail. First install the hooovahh_array_vims- package. Then try to build the File IO package, which at the moment only contains one VI. If it is like my setup the build will fail with this error. If I remove the VIM dependency by replacing it with the OpenG one the build is successful. Build Fail VIM Dependency.zip
  24. Hopefully someone here can point me in the right direction. Installing VIPM 2017: LabVIEW 2015 SP1 failed since 2017 is installed. Says X already has newer version in 2017 so fails on error but the installer eventually, after several of these, says installation successful. I disagree. Running vipm results in errors like this... [root@shawn-michaels VIPM]# ./vipm Can't load library /usr/local/lib/liblvrt.so.15.0 libXinerama.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory So then I create softlink to resolve the apparent issue but them I run into 32 vs 64 bit like this... Can't load library /usr/local/lib/liblvrt.so.15.0 libXinerama.so.1: wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 and I've tried softlinks to both 32 and 64 bit object files. I am running CentOS7.4 64 bit bit I do have 32 bit glibc and such installed. Thank you for your help! Kindest Regards, Brian
  25. The OpenG Array Library is not listed in VIPM from the JKI Package Network. I even tried refreshing, but it did not find the required library. Other observations: 1. I am able to see an older version of that library in VIPM 2. I checked the website and was able to find the latest version But I want to understand why my VIPM is not listing it
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