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Found 7 results

  1. When there are missing required packages and project is opened, Dragon asks to install missing required packages. But, it would be great to display in this dialog window what exact packages are missing - just to know in advance whether it is really needed to install them now.
  2. 1. Create Dragon project, configure it to install packages under Dragon project folder. 2. Install some packages. 3. Use VIs from the packages in the project. 4. Then, deselect "Install Packages Under Dragon Project Folder" checkbox for the Dragon project, save changes. 5. Close Dragon project. 6. Open Dragon project. 7. Open LV project's VI -> there is no functions palette for the locally installed packages. 8. Open Resources tab -> there is no displayed locally installed toolkits. It would be nice when Dragon could handle such situation - for example, anyway display list of locally installed packages, or functions palette. Or, by forcing user to delete local packages and use global packages instead. Also, if such project will be, for example, pulled from repository to another PC, Dragon project will be opened -> it will ask to install missing toolkits -> and it will install them globally. So that will be two different projects already due to different dependencies. I've simulated it by removing lv-venv folder after step 5.
  3. Firstly, Kudos to the JKI team. Dragon looks awesome, delivers on the promises, and truly is a work of art. I've enjoyed using it so far and really look forward to this going live. One small feature request I've come across - I'd like the ability to multi-select items in the Resources view. I'm converting a few packages and needed to uninstall a bunch of packages from the global location, but Dragon only lets me select one at a time. My work-around was uninstalling through VIPM, so not a big deal, however it would be nice if Dragon supported that natively. Same request would go for "Add Package to VIPC."
  4. It would also be nice to have the shell menu option "Add to VIPM Library." on *.vip files and not only on *.vipc files. This way *.vip files can be added to the VIPM library from the windows explorer without having to install them.
  5. It would be interesting and useful for developers as well as users to see some statistics on downloads of packages. This way users can judge how actively certain packages are used. These statistics could include total downloads, downloads last month/year, etc.
  6. Drag *.vip files into Repository Manager window. Useful if you one has many packages to publish simultaneously. For example, if the catalog gets corrupted one could drag the entire "packages" directory into the Repository Manager to reconstruct the repository.
  7. Hi all, First, thank you JKI for your great tool that makes the design of my UIs so much easier! I successfully added my own themes and controls to the JKI Design Palette but I noticed some controls are not supported. Arrays and clusters with no elements: data structures like arrays and clusters require to have elements to be added to the Palette. Adding arrays or clusters that don't have elements make all the controls in the JKI Design Palette disappear as shown below. In the future, I think it would be great to be able to add our own arrays and clusters that don't have a type to the Palette. Decorations: decorations can't be added to the Palette. I tried to add my own decorations to the Palette and it looks like they are not supported. It didn't make the other controls disappear like above but I think it would be a great improvement to have access to decorations (classic or our own) via the JKI Design Palette. Best, Benoit
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