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Found 2 results

  1. Hi JKI team, We have created an internal tool to automate the process of package installation through VIPM. We sometimes receive an error pop-up stating that the VI Package Network could not be accessed (refer image below) This pop-up (which occurs randomly) affects our automation and does not allow proper/smooth package installation. We observed that when we check (select) the "Disable built-in subscriptions" checkbox under Tools -> Options -> Network, this pop-up could be avoided. But, this prevents downloading and installation of OpenG and other external packages
  2. After starting VIPM 2019, I get an error when checking for updates: " there was an error accessing the following repositories:" LabVIEW Tools Network and VI Package Network. I have been using VIPM 2019 ever since it came out and have not seen this issue until now. I have checked for update and I am running the latest. I have checked with my IT guy and there is no web filtering that would be causing it not to get through.
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