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Found 1 result

  1. I have a TestStand tool I want to deploy and it uses a few LabVIEW VIs as well as a sequence. Is there another tool for TestStand packages that anyone is aware of? The goal is to deploy to <TestStand Public>\<TestStand Version>\My Folder here. If VIPM could offer the two base paths and assume that the LabVIEW version selected is also the TestStand version to deploy, then it all works seamlessly and I can build a 2017 version and it can upgrade on deployment/install. I have to attempt a work around for the moment. Install my sequence and code to a temp ProgramData folder. Run a custom action after the package install to find/detect which LabVIEW version and test stand version, copy the content over and mass compile, add to the TestStand Tools menu all while keeping a log... Uninstall would need a custom action to also remove it and utilize the log on install. Open to other thoughts and open discussion! Thanks.
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