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Hi JKIs,


I'm working with VIPM 2.0.3 Professionnal and hasn't received funds to update to version 3 as of now.

If I update without upgrading my support plan, I'll have to downgrade to Community edition.

Is there a way to have VIPM not look for version 3 updates if I have a Pro Edition?



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Hi Philippe,


actually, I would still like to know if there are any VIPM 2.x updates available. (Of course, there might not be any...)

Unchecking this bullet will remove any notifications. Well, I'll get the news of new updates from the RSS feeds anyway, so it's a good workaround.





Hi François,


Just to add to Philippe's response...


You're use case is very valid. We've been discussing, internally at JKI, ways that we can improve the "VIPM Update Available" dialog with more useful/relevant information. We'll add your feedback into the mix.





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