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reference to Parse State Queue

Jim C

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I want to read the Current State, Remaining States and Arguments indicators from the FP of the Parse State Queue vi in my JKI State Machine. I can't figure out how to get a reference to the VI. Can you help?


I've looked and it doesn't appear to be in the App.All VIs In Memory list.

I tried to modify the VI to return a reference to itself. No luck.

I can see all instances of it when I set the FP to show when called, but I have some JKI-SM processes that I'm not interested in.


Alternately, can you suggest how I can monitor this information?

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Hi Jim,


I'm really sorry for the long delay in response. You asked a relatively non-trivial question, so it wasn't one that could be answered quickly.


Here are my thoughts:


Parse State Queue is reentrant, and LabVIEW doesn't provide a super-easy way to get the references to instances (a.k.a "clones") of reentrant VIs. I think what you would need to do is get a VI reference to the VI that contains the JKI State Machine, and then traverse its block diagram for GObjects of type "subVI" (using "vi.lib\Utility\traverseref.llb\Traverse for GObjects.vi" -- see here for tips from Darren). You would can then get the instance/clone VI reference from the subVI reference, check if it's VI.Name is Parse State Queue and then get it's Front Panel control references.


Whew... that was a mouthful :)


Let me know if you have any questions about this. I'm happy to help.



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Thanks for answering. I did this (snippet) but it didn't work. I don't get any errors, it finds the SubVI and I can even open the Front Panel but the reference isn't to the one This VI is using. The Get Control Value nodes don't show anything. Did I misunderstand your intent or is there more to this?





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