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Installation without internet connection


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I need to install TortoiseSVN Tool on a computer that does not have an internet connection.


I have Labview 2010, VIPM 2010 Community and TortoiseSVN Tool installed on a host computer with internet, and would appreciate the procedures to transfer TortoiseSVN to a non-networked computer that has Labview 2010 and VIPM 2010 Community installed.




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There are a few ways to do this:


You can copy all the *.ogp and *.vip package files from the "C:\ProgramData\JKI\VIPM\cache" directory on your networked computer, to your non-networked computer.


Also, when you purchased the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool, you downloaded the package file. You can take a copy of this package onto the non-networked computer and double-click it to install.



Another way is to use VIPM Professional to create a VI Package Configuration (*.vipc) file and add the JKI TortoiseSVN Tool package to the VI Package Configuration, which you can transfer to the non-networked computer and Apply it.


I hope this helps.





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