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I am new to using VIPM and am exploring all the neat features available. One procedure I noticed to be a bit laborious is creating icons for the different virtual folders in the palette. I am sure that this question has been asked before, but is there some way to automate this? Maybe putting a icon.bmp or .ico file in each directory and this image can automatically be selected for the icon when "Autogenenerate Icon" is initiated. Thanks for any help :D

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I see -- so, this issue really only impacts you once, when you're migrating from your old palette MNUs to using VIPM to create packages. Is that right? Or, are you going to need to resync these palette icons again, from the source location into VIPM?


I am probably going to go through revisions of the source code, and at certain stages will rebuild the packages. I am thinking that I will only have to migrate my icons once though because they will then be embedded in the .vipm file for the next time I go to rebuild the package.

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OK, I see. It's good to hear that this is just a one time thing, while you migrate over to using VIPM to build your packages. We've looked into the possibility of having an "importer" for existing MNU files, but it's a little bit tricky. Ya, copying the icon of existing palette MNU files within LabVIEW is a bit of a hassle -- I'll mention this to the VIPM dev team and we'll think about ways we can improve this, in the future.



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