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VIPM Not updating Packages

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Dear JKI Team,

Firstly here is all my system info:

VIPM 2010 (2010.0.2) Community Version running through a ProxyServer

LabVIEW 2010 (v10.0)

Windows XP SP3

I attached an error log file - but that doesn't really relate to my current problem and I was blocked from attaching my Setting.ini file. I suppose I could paste it into the Topic if you really need it.


Anyway my problem is VIPM "seems" to be working through our Proxy Server, since when I check for All Package Repositories it goes off to ftp.ni.com and www.jkisoft.com and says that it did not find any updates for my installed packages - all good so far....


However on another outside laptop running through a Direct Connection with the same version of VIPM (but on Windows 7 Home with LV2010 SP1) it has just downloaded all the latest updates to the OpenG Library (ie. to version 4.x), but my version is still showing the old oglib_xxx library packages.


But then I look at say the MGI_General_VIs package and my version is at 3.8-10, but the laptop is at an earlier version of 3.4-2.


How can we tell what are the latest package versions and any idea why VIPM doesn't seem to be updating to the latest versions?


Thanks Chris


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VIPM only notifies you of updates to installed packages. If you haven't installed it then it won't notify you since the logic is that you only care about stuff you've installed.


After you've been notified of an update. You then need to install the package. If you don't then you will sit at whatever version you have installed. Just right-click the package to see all the versions under: Install Other. You can also install the latest version by just clicking 'upgrade' on the selected packages.

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Thanks for the reply Michael, but I have installed all the packages (as shown in the attached picture) and you can see under the Install Other Version it doesn't show the latest version of


And if I click on Upgrade All Installed Packages it just tells me that all my packages are at the latest revision and No updates are required.



VIPM Screen Snapshot.jpg

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The only thing else I can think of is that perhaps the computer with the proxy is being blocked somehow from downloading the updates. This is strange because the update should fail in this case, but as you say, it's returning fine.


You can check the local cache to see if in fact any updates have been downloaded. You can look here:



In there you should see the a file: *.ogpd

Open that file in a text editor and look to see if it contains the following text somewhere: Package oglib_variantconfig-


If it does then that means that the info has been downloaded from the server and VIPM knows of the new version of variantconfig package. In this case, for some reason VIPM cannot display this in the UI. Strange. On the other hand, if you don't see this in the file, then you might have a connection issue with your network and the updates aren't getting downloaded.

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Hi Michael,

Well it looks like it might be a connection issue since this is the last package in the *.ogpd file


[Package oglib_variantconfig-2.7-2]









But what I don't understand is that it doesn't report any errors when it goes off to the network to find the lastest packages. I can see the search paths come up in the Status bar and no Error file is saved in the Application Data directory. Also it "seems" that all(?) my other packages (eg. MGI) are up to date when compared to the Windows 7 (Direct Connection) Laptop.



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OK I tried renaming the *.ogpd file, but that didn't make any difference.

So then I copied the *.ogpd file from the Windows7 laptop that has the latest OpenG libraries and put it into my WinXP Desktop (with the old oglib libraries) and fired up VIPM again, but that didn't help him.


I'm not sure what you mean by caching on the Source Computer - do you mean the repository hosting the source files on the internet?


I have attached the two *.ogpd files, but they seem pretty much the same, although the Windows7 version is slightly larger.



ogpd files.zip

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OK tried that, but unfortunately none of my packages updated and it just recreated those two files again :(


To test the network connection I successfully downloaded and installed the Rename LVOOP Labels package :)


But then it didn't work when I tried to install the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino package :(


So I'm still not enitrely sure whether I can get out through our proxyserver. I will get our IT Dept. to investigate further.


Thanks for all your time and help Michael.



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