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unattended deployment of libraries without internet connection


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in my facility we have several NI computers which run LabVIEW and VIPM. The computers are connected with a network which has no connection to the internet. Because we need some OpenG libraries I prepared a *.vipc file and deployed the containing libraries to one crate as a test and that worked perfectly fine!


Now I would like to get these libraries to all computers during their installation process.


The reason why I want to do that automatically is, that we install LabVIEW, VIPM, NI Modules, etc. on these computers unattended. To add those libraries I mentioned, is currently the only step which needs human attendance.


My question is, if there is a general approach to deploy the libraries unattended to computers in a network which has no internet connection as well.


Please ask if you need further input :)


Thank you for ideas!

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