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Please Help!!! VIPM won't connect to Labview

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I am trying to download the Arduino package from the VIPM and they won't seem to connect. I have included a picture of the error and two more of my settings. I am using the student evaluation of the Labview software, but I'm not sure that it is what's causing the problems. Any help would be appreciated, as I would like to set up a nice GUI using labview and an arduino as my DAQ device. I need this for a project for my professors so I am rather desperate to get it up and running.





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I'm hijacking this post because i'm having the exact same problem on one of my notebooks. I gave permission for LV and VIPM on firewall, disabled firewall, made all the configurations needed on LabVIEW, changed the TCP Port, and I'm still not able to connect VIPM to LV. Screenshots below.


VIPM configuration:




VIPM error:




LV Configuration:




LV Configuration 2:




Firewall disabled:





Thanks for your help,


Dario Camargo

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Please try the following.


1. Click Start in windows. Type: "allow a program through windows firewall" then select it.

2. See attached image. Make sure LabVIEW 2012 and VIPM are added to this list and are allowed to communicate through the windows firewall.

3. Try the connection to LabVIEW from VIPM to see if this works.


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