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VIPM 2014 migration issue


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Hello JKI team,

The version of VIPM 2014 prevent us to install internal reuse packages that have been built and successfully used with previous VIPM version. The following dialog is shown.




The weird thing is that the conflict point to a very old package not used.

I've tried to build the package with VIPM 2014 and still have the error.


This issue prevent us (15 developers) to upgrade VIPM. Knowing that package built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed with older VIPM that could become a real issue for us.


Any advice will be very helpful.


Have a great day.



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I think you are talking about two different topics.


1. Older packages not installing in VIPM 2014

- How old are those packages?

- VIPM 2014 does allow you to install packages built using older VIPM versions. Try mass compiling the source before building the package using VIPM 2014.

- If that does not work, there might be some corner cases. Hence, I would like you to share the package source (send to support@jki.net)


2. Packages built with VIPM 2014 cannot be installed with older versions of VIPM

- Yes. This is a known behavior. http://forums.jki.net/topic/2367-vipm-2014-migration-issue/

- Contact us on support@jki.net to understand the case and provide a solution

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Hello Ashish,

I think I have a good understanding of the two topics you mention. I'll try to better explain my issue.

We have packages built with older version of VIPM that we can properly install with all VIPM except VIPM 2014. Trying to install them with VIPM 2014 throw the conflict error. An easy workaround is to not upgrade VIPM to 2014 version. The problem with that is that we have some packages (available on the LVTN) built with VIPM 2014, so we need to upgrade to install them.


The question is: why this error appear during the install process using 2014 and not with others VIPM version? Sending you the affected packages could help you to understand our issue ?





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