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I build the package as X.vip.

On disk, I rename it to Y.vip.

I then try to install it using VIPM.


Assume neither X nor Y collide with any other package name or anything like that. Is there any reason why doing this rename could be causing LabVIEW 2014 to crash when I try to install the package? I'm sort of hoping this is some sort of known issue and not something I need to dig into on my end as a member of LV R&D. This is a package that should be straightforward to build, so I'm trying to figure out what I'm doing special with this one that might be causing the crash.

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Just to close this thread: Yes, you can rename VIP files after they are created. There does not appear to be anything about the name of the VIP that is encoded inside the VIP file. That turned out to not be the source of the crash, just that the name change code went in at the same time s some other code changes that I thought were "harmless". :-)

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