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Will this allow Input from and output to top-level controls/indicators?

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Hi Jim,


It's quite serendipitous that this framework is about to be released because I am working on a very simple project that just begs to be able to spawn off multiple JKI State Machines asynchronously. Originally I was considering the Actor Framework but I think that might be overkill, however, this framework sounds right on the money.


My system consists of multiple LV server apps which are the data producers and one LV client app which is the data consumer. Each server app consists of a simple while loop to write it's front-panel control data to a network shared variable (of type variant) every 100ms. The client app is where I currently use multiple JKI State Machines; one for each server it needs to connect to. Once each SM has validated the connection to the server it goes into a 'monitor' state where it continue to poll the shared variable (via the PSP API) every 1 second to update the client's corresponding front panel indicators. Each JKI state machine is exactly the same except for the following two differences 1) the PSP URL of the SV to read from 2) the underlying data type coming out of the shared variable. These are static inputs that are known at compile-time and I'd love to have the ability to simply spawn a new JKI SM Object and wire up these two inputs whenever a new client needs to be supported.


What level of complexity would I be looking at to have each JKI SM Object be able to pass its data up to the top-level app to alter top-level front panel indicators? Would I simply need to just pass a cluster of front panel refs to each JKI SM Object that I want it to update?



Tomi's video on the Actor Framework was great, even though the framework is well commented I've always shy'd away because there was no real guide that I've found that walks you through the framework; his video did exactly that and I'll for sure attend his AF session at NI Week 2015. The video was also how I found out about JKI SM Objects as Tomi mentioned in briefly in passing and it piqued my interest enough to figure out just exactly what he was referring to; I'm glad I did!



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