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Error 1 reported when using Publish Packages to Repository.vi from VIPM API


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When using the Publish Packages to Repository.vi from the VIPM API I am receiving the following error text:

10:27:19.871 AM 5/4/2016 Error 1 at VIPM API_vipm_api.lvlib:Parse String Array Message_vipm_api.vi<ERR>
Code:: 1
Source:: (Invalid URL) E6C7850DB8DC443245FEA289ED5599DC in OGPM Class.lvlib:2298EAB45C3ADB6BA393ADD20A1567B2->Repository.lvlib:E4BDF9BD7B76EC63B78E078A2430E6BE->Repository.lvlib:412A7FE00073B5B996D6EC522E780BF5->VIPM API.lvlib:5F6CC0C4C5DFEC614D6E5B026429AAF0->2EDC3C81B4A2C6C7E1F2041B75CF3851->VIPM Main Window.vi
This is code we've not changed at all--the error started to show up recently and we can reproduce this on multiple machines. Some have VIPM 2014 and others VIPM 2015. Do you have any recommendations for what to try next in debugging this error?
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Here is what I found in the VIPM error log:


=========== START of VIPM 2014.0.2 (build 1976) Error Message ===========
An internal VIPM 2014.0.2 (build 1976) Error has occured on: Wednesday May 04, 2016 at 04:42:09 PM
= Automated Message Start =
Error 1 occurred at (Invalid URL) E6C7850DB8DC443245FEA289ED5599DC in OGPM
API.lvlib:5F6CC0C4C5DFEC614D6E5B026429AAF0->2EDC3C81B4A2C6C7E1F2041B75CF3851->VIPM Main Window.vi
Possible reason(s):
LabVIEW: An input parameter is invalid. For example if the input is a path, the path might contain
a character not allowed by the OS such as ? or @.
= Automated Message End =
= Error Handler Call Chain Start =
VIPM Main Window.vi->
= Error Handler Call Chain End =
=========== END of VIPM 2014.0.2 (build 1976) Error Message ===========
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Also, here is the string passed to the System Exec call within '\LabVIEW 2015\vi.lib\JKI\VIPM API\command-line\support\Run EXE with Command-line Switches_vipm_api.vi'.


"C:\Program Files (x86)\JKI\VI Package Manager\support\VIPM File Handler.exe" -- "/command:repository_add_package" "/sources:C:\Users\lvtn\AppData\Local\Temp\lvtemporary_431412.vipm_return" "/repo_name:NI LabVIEW Tools Network" "/return_file:C:\Users\lvtn\AppData\Local\Temp\lvtemporary_333527.vipm_return" "/quiet:TRUE"

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Was there any change in the OS, admin privileges, API version and operating environment?


Also, for testing purpose, can we get access to repositories that you are using? Tools Network and another working repo?


Hello Ashish,


This happens on 5 different systems with an EXE calling the VIPM API--no changes were made to the code or OSes besides regular Windows Updates. As for access to the repository, you should have access to the LabVIEW Tools Network repository as we publish it to the NI FTP here: ftp://ftp.ni.com/evaluation/labview/lvtn/vipm/index.vipr


This is the repository we're having trouble with when using the API and it is quite large.




Here is the internal repo I tested with and did not have any trouble adding a package to using the API (no changes were made to code outside of changing the repository name string for the API call):


Self.Name=LV2P Tool Repository
Self.URL=file:///c:/dropbox/lv2partner shared/lv2p tools/vipm tool repository
Release.Date=Wed, 04 May 2016 10:57:47 -0500
[Package ni_lib_simple_math_library-]
Package.Release Date=Wed, 04 May 2016 10:57:47 -0500
Package.Display Name=Simple Math Library



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