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VI Calling VIM Fails to Build [fixed in VIPM 2017f1]

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Update: this issue has been fixed in VIPM 2017f1
I've been using the new VIMs feature of VIPM 2017 and am having some issues getting it to build successfully. If I have a VIM on the palette it builds just fine, but if I add a VI that calls that VIM the build fails, even if that VI isn't on the palette.





Attached is a zip with my source. It fails to build because the normal VI "Is Variant Repository.vi" calls a VIM that is in that package. If I delete that VI the build works fine. Is this a known limitation that a package can't be built, if a VI calls a VIM? Here are the errors seen when the build fails. Thanks.






VIPM 1.png



VIPM 2.png



Variant Repository Source 2017.zip


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Sorry to open this thread again. However, I have VIPM 2018.0.0f1 and I am trying to build a package with VIMs in and I am getting exactly the same issue that James Powell posted earlier in this thread. Please can you tell me what the workaround was? As simply upgrading VIPM didn't work.


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45 minutes ago, jamesmc86 said:

Same issue still in 2018 f2. 

Appears to be related to a vim in a class. Removing the vim from the class solves the problem. I got that work around from Tom and another at https://forums.ni.com/t5/LabVIEW/VI-Package-Manager-Fails-to-Build-with-Malleable-VIs-VIMs/td-p/3871468

Hi @jamesmc86. Thanks for letting us know. I'd like to get this fixed, if possible. Would you be willing to put a very small/simple example .vipb project together and share it, so that we can easily reproduce and investigate? Thanks.

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