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11 hours ago, Ruslan said:

А можно вопрос, как быть если в какой-то frame работает долго, тогда вся программа не реагирует на события. Как быть в этом случае?

I have to confess that I don't speak Russian :)

I think you said (according to Google Translate), "How could it be the case that a frame works for a long time, and then the whole program does not respond to events?"

I'm not sure without looking at your specific code/example.

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thanks for the response. While there is no code, I just hypothetically looked at the structure and there was such a question. For example, if in some "case" there is a long calculation, then accordingly the program does not respond to events ... Or am I wrong?

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Hi @Ruslan.

Yes, if a Case Structure frame is doing work, the Event Structure frames will not execute (until the Case Structure is done and there is no more “work” on the state string shift register / queue (unless the “Idle” state is called explicitly by adding it to the state string queue).

However, Events (that the Event Structure is registered for) will still be queued up for the Event Structure to handle once the work is done in the Case Structure.

hope that helps,


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