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JKI SM conversion to LVNXG


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I'm trying to convert a project with JKI SM from LabVIEW 2017 to LabVIEW NXG. I'm using JKI SM version (in LV2017). During the conversion I get the message:



In LV NXG I have JKI SM for NXG, version 2.0. Even a single VI with JKI SM inside can not be converted. It looks like there is a missing JKI SM version for NXG 1.0, but it can not be installed in NXG 2.0.

I realize that LV NXG is still "fresh" and lacks many useful add-ons available in the "conventional" LV. But I wonder... maybe threre is a solution?

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Sorry for my late answer, I am very bussy at work. Yes, I've tried. There a many placeholders. For examples:



So, a lot of work to do. But OK. New technology (LV NXG), new philosophy, new tools... It is better to start the new project directly in NXG.

But another problem in NXG 2.1. I have instaled JKI SM 2.0 and there is an option to start the new project with JKI SM. But... if I need to add JKI SM to new, empty VI I'm not able to do it.


In new JKI SM project, there is also a lack of Close Reference in "Data: Cleanup" state.


I am sorry for so many questions and comments, but I often use JKI SM and recommend it to my students as the next step with programming in LabVIEW (something more then a simple state machine).


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