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Configuration in LabVIEW


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Hi JKI team,

Firstly I want to thank you for generating the REST toolkit for LabVIEW, it seems pretty easy to connect the IoT cloud. I do, have some glitches when using it.

I came across to this youtube demo (

Are you able to make an example to show how to use the tool? If that takes a while, would you please comment on

1. What's the input of Base URL? I used "api.favoriot.com" in my case.

2. Do you define the apiKey in one of the Default Headers? I did this but didn't seem to get anywhere.

Your help is appreciated.

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hi @holyna

For the base URL, you would want to put the part that's common to all your method calls.

Note: You might want to use HTTPS instead of HTTP, so it's more secure.

Looking at some of their documentation, the base URL includes the version (e.g. "v1") as shown below:

base url: https://api.favoriot.com/v1

Yes, you will need to put your API key in the "Default Headers" structure, and you'll also need to set the "Accept" header to "application/json"

Accept = application/json 
apiKey = <YOUR API KEY>

Hope that helps get you going. Good luck!


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